what a wonderful world

"I will never stop loving you. I will love you forever" those were the last words he said to me. Hi I am Rosa and I dates the Harry styles until he decided we should break up because long distance relationships don't work. But before he left he told me he will always love me. I really miss him but no one besides my best friend Sofia and my sisters Jennifer and Taylor know that we dated and my parents of course. I know his family knows we dated because I met them. But I am kind of angry with him because he never bothered to call, text or even tweet me.

What will happen when they meet again?


6. brat, snob, and freak times 2

Rosa's P.O.V

I finished my work and I started to hear to the lounge to get the boys for the interview. I heard the weirdest thing.

Harry's P.O.V

"So Harry how do you know Rosa?" Zayn asked me. "Well I dated her for a dare and then I guess she started to fall for me and I had to tell her it was a dare and she was really angry." I answered. "Did you like her?" Liam asked. I thought for a moment and looked around. I saw Rosa looking at us. "No" I said " it was for a dare" I could see Rosa was hurt.

Rosa's P.O.V

 I can't believe he didn't like me. I know asking me out was a dare but I thought he liked me. "Hey harry!" I said as I walked in "why don't you tell them how you told me it was a dare. Go ahead" "I ccheated" he said. "I am sorry what? I didn't hear that." I said. "I cheated" he said louder. "Better" I say still angry and a little bit upset. "Its time for your interview" I  said. 

** after interview ** 

"Okay boys we are done for today and tomorrow will be the photo shoot so go home and get some rest" I said. "Wait!" Niall said. "Do you want to come and eat with us?" "Well. I don't know" I said, "please...." Niall said. "Okay" I answered. We all drove to nando's and I was sitting next to Niall. And I thought 'why isn't he sitting next to his girlfriend' we all finished eating and it was late so the boys said I should sleep in their house tonight. I said "sure" and we went there. Niall seemed to like me so he brought me somewhere and


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