Just an Ordinary life

Anne and her 4 bff's just finished high school and are soon going to college. Little do they know, one of them decided that it would be fun for them all to go to a sarority together. When they meet 5 boys called One Direction what would they do.


2. Graduation

Anne's P.O.V.

OMG!!! I can't believe im graduateing high school!!! Now i get to party all night and have fun!!!!! And the best part is i get to do it with my 4 BFF's!!! UGH  but then we have to go to college! At least i get to do with them. Well anyway..........................."Annabell Stevens" my princepal called my name OMG! Everyone was clapping, cheering, my mom was crying, my dad well he was holding a giant sign that said "Congrats baby girl!!! i am soooo proud of u and all ur fiends! I am goin 2 miss u when u go to college :')" he is so embaressing. I got my thingy and sat with my friends.

Joe's P.O.V.

"Yeah! Wooh go Anne!" we all cheered. I am so proud of everyone mostly my BFF's. I am very very excited to tell the girls that we are not just going to college but we are going to an all girls sarority!! They are going to freak! We've been talking about this since the 3rd grade. I just wanna tell them now! "Tell us what?" they all asked. "Tell you what?" "You just said you 'I just wanna tell them now!'" shit! should i just tell them? A what the hell. "I talked to our parents and........

Breanna's P.O.V.

What!!!!!!! She's been talking with my parents! GOD i hope they didn't tell her we're broke and they can't send me to college. It would just brake all their hearts. "and instead of going to college we are going to an all girls sarority!!!!" Joe finished. Thank god. "And get this it's all paid for!!!" "But who paid for it?" i asked sheepeshly. "Remember when i made us all do that "charity" thing" she asked quoting charity. "uh ya?" we all said at the same time. "Well it wasn't. we were actually raising money for our selfs." what!!!! I can't beleive she tricked us! We worked our asses off!

Chelsea's P.O.V.

Wait what!!! Did she just say that say she tricked us or am i dreaming!!!!! How did she trick me! No one can trick me. And she lied about the charity thing OMG this is the first time in 8 years that she has lied. Well at least we get to go to an all girls sarority. I can tell the other girls are shocked too because their jaws are litteraly on the floor. As we were walking to the car my mom happened to already be there but in tears wonderful. "O my  baby girl has grown up so fast and now she's going off to college. Who am i going to talk to and take shopping wi" " Hey you can steel take me shopping mom!" i nearly screamed. That woman better take me i mean all of us shopping before we leave.


*2 Hours Later*


D'anne's P.O.V.

As i was packining, i saw a very old wrinkled picture from 13 years ago when we were all 4-6 years old and we were about to go on the carasel for the millionth time. I couldn't help it and started bawling my eyes out. "Whats wrong D?" i heard Chelses sweet voice say as she wrapped her arms around me for a bear hug. We were soon joined by 3 more people. "This." i say handing them the photo. "AWWW!!!! We were so cute! Well i'm the cutest though." Anne blurts urning a playful slap from Joe. "Well we were coming to see if your done packing and it seems like you just started." Chels says all tired and dramatic. "I've been packing for an hour and 25 min." i stated putting the picture in my wallet. "GOD girl you are so vain." Anne says flipping her hair off her shoulder. Clearly it's that time of the month. She is always sassy and grumpy. I finally finshed and took my 4 suitcases and 3 small bags. And we were on our way to the sarority!!!!!



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