Just an Ordinary life

Anne and her 4 bff's just finished high school and are soon going to college. Little do they know, one of them decided that it would be fun for them all to go to a sarority together. When they meet 5 boys called One Direction what would they do.


1. Author's Note

Hey everyone! I just made this so plz no nasty comments. Um.......oh ya this fanfic is going to be about Anne and her 4 BFF's and how they have an ordinary teen life like the title. So before i start writing i'd just like you to know about Anne and her possey.

-5 people in  their group

-Anne 19 wavy red died hair, blue eyes, "fun sized", funny, life of the party, and very very sassy

-Joe 18 straight blonde hair, grey eeyes, tall, mom of the group, neat freak, and mature

-Breanna 18 waviesh-curly black hair, brown eyes, short, loves food, shy, and laugh everything

-Chellsea 17 curly brunette hair, green eyes, medium size, cheekey, flirty, and baby of the group

-D'anne 18 short purple hair, blue green eyes, lil bit tall, vain, and can't go anywhere without a mirror

So now you a lil bit about the girls so now im just gonna talk about when im gonna update and stuff. Sometimes i will update more than once a day, maybe 2. There is gonna be a lot of pov's. And there may be emotional scenes. Well bye and the next chapter is gonna start with all the girls graduateing high school sooo stay tuned and like and favorite.


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