Common Sense

Catching of a gang of fraudsters....


2. The Next Day....

Srikanth came to the Bank next day and started his routine. A couple of hours he attended to his normal work like transfer of cheques, execution of delivery instructions (for demat accounts), attending the customer calls regarding the balance and such other details of accounts, lodgment of chques for collection to outstation Branches etc., Had a Hot Coffee, at the noon, which was his favorite. He loved Hot Coffee so much that he never started his day without the same. 

At around the noon, the 'person' who had come previous day to collect delivery instructions (which were in the form of books of 10 leaves each) came again. Srikanth greeted him and offered him seat in front of his desk and the person occupied the same.

Srikanth asked  what 'can I do for you' (like a smile of AirHostess in flight-without the same coming from heart!). It was not his fault in being very mechanical as the work load was too much and the transactions were innumerable, which was a common thing everyday. The 'person' smiled and handed over 'delivery instructions' which contained name of the company whose shares were to be transferred with quantity, the other 'demat account' to which those shares were to be transferred with the other Bank's (depository participant) name. 

The delivery instructions were accepted by Srikanth. He had another three hours of time to execute. It may be mentioned here that in case delivery instructions are not executed within the regulated time, the same would have to be executed the next day. Srikanth, who was about the execute the same (delivery instructions) got a buzz on his intercom. It was from his immediate boss, who said that there was a client who was looking for a Home Loan. He asked Srikanth to go and meet the client and explain the features of the Housing Loan and convince him to apply for the same.  

Srikanth immediately left to the Home Loan prospect whose name and contact number were provided to him. He did not forget to keep the delivery instructions - which he had to execute safely in his desk. 

Srikanth returned after an hour after meeting the Home Loan prospect explaining the Bank's scheme and advantages of availing loan from his Bank to the client. The Home Loan prospect requested for a couple of days time in deciding the Bank from which he would avail the loan. 

Srikanth immediately went to lunch room as it was lunch time and had his lunch. It was only during lunch time that colleagues interacted freely ... during the morning everyone was in a rush to reach the office and to attend the morning meetings of the Boss(es), in the evenings they used to be exhausted and everyone wanted to leave for home....




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