Common Sense

Catching of a gang of fraudsters....


5. The Next Course of Action- Unknown!!!


Srikanth was praised by one and all for his great tact and 'common sense' which was usually uncommon.... An attempt was made to file a Police Complaint about the intended fraud. In India, one should always 'attempt' to file a complaint with the Police, as they never easily accept the same. The complaint which one wants to file would usually be rejected on some ground or the other or even by bullying, which is quite common in India. The Police think that accepting a complaint is an additional burden, wherein they have to start searching for the culprit. The Police summoned Srikanth when Bank attempted to file a complaint. They did not register a complaint stating that it was just an attempt to defraud and fraud was not committed as there was not transfer of shares. They 'praised' Srikanth for his presence of mind (and secretly patted themselves for rejecting the complaint).


He had to go to another town about 350 kms away the same night on official visit. He reached the town next morning and returned on the third day morning and came to his office.


He was welcomed by his colleages and was given a fax copy (fascimile). Srikanth carefully read the same. It indicated the delivery of a cover at some address in his town and nothing else. It was later on undestood that someone had faxed a letter from Srikanth's place to another Branch which was located at 1500 miles from Srikanth's town. In the letter contained a request for sending -"delivery Instructions" to an address at Srikanth's workplace by courier, which the Bank had promptly sent. Later on, when the message of attempt to defraud the Bank was passed on to all the Branches,this Branch who had sent delivery instructions by courier made a cross-check by calling the customer (for whose account they had received a request for deilvery instructions to be sent to Srikanth's town). To their shock the customers were very much there in the town and they had not indented for any delivery instructions. But they had already couriered the same and had got an acknowledgment from the Courier Company. They had sent acknowledgment copy to Srikanth's Bank Branch as they suspected the delivery of delivery instructions to wrong hands....


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