Common Sense

Catching of a gang of fraudsters....


4. The Execution (or not!!!)

Srikanth got an idea..... as the amount of shares involved was huge, why he should not call the clients before execution. 

He gave a call to Ms.Jaqueline's number. Her nephew picked the same and Srikanth was informed that he was not in the country and she might have given the instructions, which he was not very sure.. It was a 50-50 dilemma for Srikanth. Next he called Mr. Jagat, the Interior Decorator. Fortunately for Mr.Srikanth's call was answered by Mr. Jagat. Srikanth asked if Mr. Jagat wanted to sell almost all the shares of different companies he had held in his demat account, for which Mr. Jagat informed that he was not selling any share/s.

Srikanth called him to visit the Bank immediately and he stopped the execution of instructions of both the clients' delivery instructions.

Mr. Jagat came to the Bank in half an hour time and told that he had not given any delivery instructions. He was shown the delivery instructions which were bearing 'his' signature. He said the signatures were 'almost his', but he had not issued any such instructions for delivery of shares!!!!

Srikanth took Mr. Jagat to his Branch Head and informed that the signatures seem to have been forged by someone. The Branch Head  complimented Srikanth for his use of 'presence of mind' and 'prudence' (common sense in other words). 

The news was flashed to all the Bank Branches of Srikanth's Bank immediately by e-mail. The client thanked Srikanth for saving his account from fraudsters....





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