Common Sense

Catching of a gang of fraudsters....


9. Swift Action by Police (?) (!!!!)

Srikanth's daily routine changed. He was reaching the office in the morning by 9 am and working till 8 in the night. As his Boss was fussy in him going to Police Station again and again, Srikanth started visiting the Police after his office work.

The next day after catching Muthu, the Police called Srikanth to the Police Station. Srikanth promptly went. Muthu was taken to Assistant Commissioner's office by the Police. Srikanth followed them in his moped. {Srikanth sat in the Police Jeep a couple of times.... afterwards he came conscious that Public were looking at him while getting down or into the Police Jeep. Then he stopped going in Police Jeep}.

In the meanwhile, the Banks had gone through the intended account to which shares were to be transferred. There were transactions for huge volumes and from Srikanth's another Branch shares worth Rs.8 Lakh were transferred which were sold and siphoned off. Srikanth's Bank issued an official  letter to the other Bank about the fraudulent transfer of shares and thereafter the operations in that account were stopped.

At the Assistant Commissioner's (ACP) office, the Police Inspector explained at length the nature of fraud attempted and about the huge volume of transactions in the Account of the fraudster. Then the Police, who had a very casual approach, got alerted. The ACP asked Srikanth to arrange for Air Tickets to Muthu, Two Policemen and Inspector to Mumbai immediately. He also asked Srikanth to arrange for a Guest House of the Bank for them and a Car to travel in Mumbai to arrest and bring Mr.Sanghvi.

Srikanth being a lower grade officer had nothing else than to plead his Head Office officials for what all police demanded. They immediately sanctioned the money for flight tickets, booked guest house for police and made arrangements for a Car for their travel for investigation purposes at Mumbai.

Next day, Muthu, two constables (Mr.Achar and Kumar) and the Inspector of Police travelled to Mumbai. Srikanth attended his office at Bangalore as a routine. Two or three more Police Constables travelled by Train to Mumbai and joined the team. All arrangements were made by the Bank as asked by the Police.




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