Common Sense

Catching of a gang of fraudsters....


11. Modus Opernadi

Upon questioning Mr.Singhvi the Bangalore Police realised that they had hit a gold mine. He told them that he is a matriculate. Police had dug into his past and found that he was a spoilt child. He had developed friends with bad elements and was abandoned by the family when they concluded that he was beyond reform. To this effect they(his parents) had even given a newspaper advertisement stating that they disown him as their son and anybody acting with him will be acting on their own and his parents have nothing to do with Mr.Singhvi's acts.

When questioned as to how he got hold of demat materials, specimen signatures and other details of demat account holders, share certificates etc., he replied that he used to befriend courier boys. The courier boys of reputed companies are paid a fairly decent salary, whereas of ordinary firms (which are like mushrooms) pay the delivery boys a pittance. So, taking advantage of this, he used to lure courier boys by paying them Rs.100 or so and used to take possession of covers (correspondence) addressed to their Demat Operation Centres at their Head Office. He was an expert in forgery. One of the senior Police Officers made a signature on white paper and asked Mr.Singhvi to duplicate them. He made another 5-6 signatures of the same officer on the same paper and the Police Officer himself got confused as to which was the signature he had made!!!!!

Once he took possession of a cover containing a demat request form along with share certificate, he used to get the information on the name of the customer, Bank Branch (in otherwords, Branch of Depository Participant) name,  demat account number, specimen signature (as signed in the demat request form), share certificate. By taking the same out, he used to sit somewhere else and make a letter on a white paper, sign and send the same through an accomplice like Muthu. That was exactly what he had done in Bangalore, when Muthu delivered the same to Srikanth.

In the course of interrogation, when police asked some question on share certificates, he volunteered that he would tell eveything. But, Srikanth sensing that the Police may not get hold of all the intricate details, told the Police that he would explain the facts. The sorting of share certificates and other task took more than a month. Here, Srikanth had to face a not a very co-operative police, because the complainant was Bank (Organisation). The possibility of Police getting 'Something' was impossible....Some Police told him that they were not fast in typing, and this task also fell on Srikanth. 

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