Common Sense

Catching of a gang of fraudsters....


8. Interrogation and Questioning

Achar- "Your name?"


Achar- "Any other names (aliases)

Detainee- "Rama, Siva, Muthu"

Achar- "Which is your native and Language?"

Detainee (Muthu)-" I am from Tamilnadu-a village near Tirunelveli. I am a Tamilian"

Achar- "Where you stay now?"

Muthu- " In Mumbai-Dharavi"

(Dharavi is the largest slum in Asia)

Achar-"Are you married? How many children you have?"

Muthu- "I am married. My wife is Selvi and am a father of two kids"

Achar-"Whats your education?"

Muthu- " I have studied upto 7th Standard (Lower Secondary)"

Achar-"Where do you work?"

Muthu-"Presently I am not working anywhere. Before was working as a Labourer"

Achar-"Why you came to Bangalore?"

Muthu-"I was not having any job. My friend Sanghvi offered me to take on a tour to South India by train and I joined him."

Achar-"Who told you to visit the Bank and give delivery instructions?"

Muthu-"Sanghvi told me. I don't know what it is Sir."

Achar-"How much money Sanghvi would pay you for accompanying him and doing the work?"

Muthu-" No much money. He has purchased the train ticket. He has given me Rs.2000/- to pay for lodge Bill and my expenses. I have a return ticket to Mumbai"

Achar-"Where is Sanghvi now?"

Muthu-"He has gone to Mumbai by yesterday's train"

Achar-"When are you meeting him?"

Muthu- "He has told me to meet in Mumbai after my return"


It may be mentioned here that the Body language of Muthu was observed carefully. For any delay in answering Police Constable Achar used to give Muthu a cold stare. Deshmukh was writing all the question and answers. For any question where Muthu stammered to answer, the same was asked again and again. Muthu cried in front of the Police that he does not know anything and he had a family and they donot know of his being in Bangalore. He prayed for them to show mercy and leave him....But law will take its own course........







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