Common Sense

Catching of a gang of fraudsters....


6. Co-ordination with Police and Office Politics

The Police who were not accepting any complaint and were just praising Srikanth for his presence of mind had no other option than to start some action. Srikanth went to the Police with the Fax copy of the acknowledgment by courier company as mentioned earlier. The Police looked into the same and the courier Company was called over phone. They sought the details of the Boy who had delivered the courier and summoned him to the Police Station.

The courier Boy came running (he was scared when he was summoned by Police). He was shivering and told that he would show the shop and the person to whom he had delivered the courier. Police asked him (and of course, Srikanth had to accompany them) to take them to the person to whom courier was delivered.

In the Office, Srikanth's immediate superior started blaming Srikanth that he was going and sitting with the Police avoiding his office duties. Sitting in Police Station is like (with due apologies) going to a Public Toilet. One has to see the handcuffs, the crime list board, the cold staring Police personnel, a couple of criminals/or undertrials in the lock-up etc., Who would love to sit there instead of working at Office? His Boss had no imagination of these things at the Police Station. One more reason for blaming Srikanth was that no-one else could take credit for the task Srikanth had accomplished!!! The Police had also indicated to Srikanth that unless the complainant does not take interest in the case and co-operate with them, they could not proceed further. Srikanth was of the firm conviction that the Criminal/s have to be punished and not let scot free.....

Srikanth accompanied a couple of Policemen along with the Courier Boy to Mahatma Nagar. One Policeman stood with Srikanth at a distance, while another went with the courier boy. The courier boy took the police man to a Xerox (Photostat) shop, while Srikanth and the other Policeman were watching from a distance. The courier boy showed the person who had taken delivery of the packet of delivery instructions-who was the owner of the Xerox shop. At this moment, Srikanth and other Policeman joined them. The policeman asked the xerox shop owner as to where was the parcel. The shop owner informed the Police that the parcel was still lying with him and no-one had taken the same. To this question, the xerox shop owner informed that his shop was amidst many Lodges, where many tourists from various places used to stay. He was accepting the parcel/couriers on their behalf and he used to get a small tips.

The Police told him that they were investigating a crime. The xerox shop owner was aghast. The Police asked him to show the person who was to take the courier. In case he failed to do so, he would be taken to custody. The shop owner literally begged the Police and told that the person would surely come to collect the courier and he was in no way involved in anything. But the Police were very firm and reiterated that they would implicate him in case of failure to locate and handover the person who came to take delivery. It is needless to mention here that the xerox shop owner maintained absolute secrecy, otherwise he had to face the music....

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