Common Sense

Catching of a gang of fraudsters....


12. Conviction and Press Publications

The share certificates and other documents, fake rubber stamps etc., were taken out from two Suitcases which were brought from Mumbai upon the arrest of Mr Singhvi.  The same were arranged in an order and an account of entire stock was recorded. Mr.Singhvi and Mr. Muthu were produced in the court of law. Before producing them before the court of law, a press conference was arranged. In the press conference, the Commissioner of Police made a detailed announcement of the crime, how the same was unearthed etc., Srikanth had requested the Commissioner not to divulge his name to the Press. In the Press meet, Srikanth was also present. When asked by some press persons and TV Channels to make a statement, (they had gathered information from other Police Personnel)  Srikanth politely refused to speak nor make any statement in press. 

Singhvi and Muthu were convicted for rigorous imprisonment for 7 year and 5 years respectively. Muthu cried bitterly upon hearing the judgment, whereas Singhvi was stoic.

Srikanth was presented with an award by the Police Commissioner. Srikanth was given a certificate for his services to the Police Department which is proud of. In the Bank, he was not given any Certificate or Promotion etc., In fact one of his Head Office Executives, who was in charge of Staff (HR) made a statement that what Srikanth did was just a fluke. Srikanth cared two hoots for such comments. He is of the opinion that one has to deliver service to the best of his ability - whether somebody recognises him or not. He is a self motivated man.

This is a true story. The names of the characters are changed. The story contains 90-95% actual facts and may be a 5% deviation is there. Minor errors might have crept in which may be condoned.

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