Ok so this should be rated red but it wont let me.
In Revenge Lionel Rosenfeld is a serial killer and rapist of young girls mainly 6-14.. But one day everything changes when Kathryn joins the group of dead girls hes killed and one by one they each get their revenge on Lionel but he cant die, he cant escape, and one by one the girls make it over the bridge once they've had their revenge but will Lionel ever learn his lesson? Or will this pattern repeat itself forever?

Im writing this for competition so like, fave, fan and read!! Love you's :D


1. Characters

Lionel Rosenfeld = Murderer of girls and rapist


Abigail Johnstone

Age when killed: 14

Year: 1993



Olivia Jackson

Age when killed : 11

Year: 1995


Perrie Gardiner

Age when killed: 9

Year: 1996


Freya Zenn

Age when killed: 6

Year: 1998


Anna Fenwick

Age when killed: 12

Year: 2003


Demi-lee Jennison

Age when killed: 12

Year: 2003


Quinn Valentina

Age when killed: 10

Year: 2006


Rosalie Lynx

Age when killed: 7

Year: 2008


Kathryn Holland

Age when killed: 13

Year: 2016



Well there's the girls and the villain so hey how this will work is in order of each girl i'll write each girls death in order of dates and chapter per girl so enjoy and then the real good stuff begins ;D - Sophie xxx







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