Ok so this should be rated red but it wont let me.
In Revenge Lionel Rosenfeld is a serial killer and rapist of young girls mainly 6-14.. But one day everything changes when Kathryn joins the group of dead girls hes killed and one by one they each get their revenge on Lionel but he cant die, he cant escape, and one by one the girls make it over the bridge once they've had their revenge but will Lionel ever learn his lesson? Or will this pattern repeat itself forever?

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3. 6th May 1993

Abigail Johnstone

Aged: 14

Date: 6th May 1993


She was walking home from a party at 2am so she took a short cut down a dark alley so she wasnt as late..

Halfway down she felt something grab her leg and pull her down, she tried to scream but nobody heard her and then one fatal blow accros the head finished her.

Lionel Rosenfeld raped her and then slowly he cuts a pattern into her and then takes her head.. He dumps her in the sea, hopefully, never to be found.

Her spirit lingered. But they never found her body, ever..

This is the start of a chain of deaths which could never have had the effect they do on Lionel.. This is no normal murder,

Its only the beginning.



AUTHORS NOTE- Yeah its terrible and boring but hey what do you expect, im no geinus! so:


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