Adopted - A One Drection and Little Mix Fanfic

Everyone was making these adoption stories so I made one. It’s not the greatest but I was trying my best. I hope you like it. I’m Bryanna, Madi is mmmmm063 and Morgan is Storywriterwhatevertherestis, and yes mmmmm063and Storywriterwhatevertherestis I did put you in this story. Be happy with it because Madi ends up dating Louis and Morgan is dating Niall. XD *FACEPALM*! NOW LOVE THE CRAZIE BLOND!!!!!!


13. Update On This!!!!!

I am thinking of how to finish writing this. I am having my friends Tiana and Katie in it but they don’t have a movellas. Anyway, I think I’m going to make a 2nd part to Adopted. When I get that far, IF I do, I’ll let you know if I need any more roles.

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