Adopted - A One Drection and Little Mix Fanfic

Everyone was making these adoption stories so I made one. It’s not the greatest but I was trying my best. I hope you like it. I’m Bryanna, Madi is mmmmm063 and Morgan is Storywriterwhatevertherestis, and yes mmmmm063and Storywriterwhatevertherestis I did put you in this story. Be happy with it because Madi ends up dating Louis and Morgan is dating Niall. XD *FACEPALM*! NOW LOVE THE CRAZIE BLOND!!!!!!


16. Tiana's POV

I was finally adopted!!! It was a normal day for me and then out of no where, a man and women came and adopted me. I was actually kind of surprised that I was being adopted. I've sat in the orphanage for days and now I am adopted! My life was finally turning around for me.

I walked home with mum and dad. We went over to my dad's house to meet his friends and their girlfriends. Turns out only three of them had girlfriends. Harry's girlfriend, Bryanna, and Niall's girlfriend, Morgan, took me to Harry's room to play Scrabble. It was actually pretty fun then dad's friend Liam came in and wanted to talk to me privately. I was scared for I didn't know what Liam wanted to talk about.

When we talked, he said that he really likes me and wanted to know if I would date him. I thought I was going to scream, but turns out I didn't and I told him I would love to date him. So yeah, now i'm dating THE Liam Payne and I've only been an actual sixteen year old for like an hour.

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