Adopted - A One Drection and Little Mix Fanfic

Everyone was making these adoption stories so I made one. It’s not the greatest but I was trying my best. I hope you like it. I’m Bryanna, Madi is mmmmm063 and Morgan is Storywriterwhatevertherestis, and yes mmmmm063and Storywriterwhatevertherestis I did put you in this story. Be happy with it because Madi ends up dating Louis and Morgan is dating Niall. XD *FACEPALM*! NOW LOVE THE CRAZIE BLOND!!!!!!


12. Madi’s POV

When Perrie and Zayn got home and Bry, Morgan, and I got up, we headed over to the guys’ house. When we got there Morgan literally ran into Niall’s arms and Harry ran over to Bry and picked her up, spun her around, and gave her a hug and kiss. Then everyone said Awwww and Including Zayn and Perrie. After that Bry hid in Harry’s shoulder because she was blushing and I was snuggling with Louis. I think Perrie and Zayn were wondering what happened between Eleanor and Louis but no one spoke until Zayn asked, “Erm, Lou… What happened between you and Eleanor?” Louis answered, “We kind of got into a fight last night. And we broke up, but then Harry and I talked together last night, and He said that Madi liked me and…” I then cut him off, “Wait a minute. How did Harry know I liked you?”

Liam then walked in. No one said a word after that. Then Liam said, “Why is everyone being in awkward silence?” Harry and Bryanna both answered, “Why do you care at the moment? You never did before.” Liam had no comment. And everyone went to their rooms.

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