Adopted - A One Drection and Little Mix Fanfic

Everyone was making these adoption stories so I made one. It’s not the greatest but I was trying my best. I hope you like it. I’m Bryanna, Madi is mmmmm063 and Morgan is Storywriterwhatevertherestis, and yes mmmmm063and Storywriterwhatevertherestis I did put you in this story. Be happy with it because Madi ends up dating Louis and Morgan is dating Niall. XD *FACEPALM*! NOW LOVE THE CRAZIE BLOND!!!!!!


7. Madi’s POV

After Bryanna, Harry, Louis, and Eleanor went to the movies, we were on our way to One Direction’s house. But half way there we stopped at Eleanor’s. And Louis, Eleanor, and Harry got out of the car and were yelling at each other. Soon afterwards, Harry got back in the car and slammed the door. Louis got his car, and also slammed the door. And Eleanor slammed her Front door. Bryanna and I weren’t really sure what happened, so we just sat in the back seat really quiet. We finally got to 1D’s house and we all got out but Harry. Bryanna and I look at each other concern. We wanted to go over and ask what happened but before we could Morgan and Niall walked up to us. “If I were you two I wouldn’t walk up to Harry right now.” Niall said. I asked, “ Why Niall?” And you bet Niall just didn’t answer, we tried to ask Morgan but she walked away.

            I knew Bryanna was concern about Harry. A little while later, Louis arrived. “Louis? Why is Harry seem so upset right now?” I asked. Louis answered, “When Eleanor and I were arguing and he joined in I told him that our friendship was over because of him interfering.”  He walked inside. I quickly ran after him not sure what Bryanna would do.

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