Adopted - A One Drection and Little Mix Fanfic

Everyone was making these adoption stories so I made one. It’s not the greatest but I was trying my best. I hope you like it. I’m Bryanna, Madi is mmmmm063 and Morgan is Storywriterwhatevertherestis, and yes mmmmm063and Storywriterwhatevertherestis I did put you in this story. Be happy with it because Madi ends up dating Louis and Morgan is dating Niall. XD *FACEPALM*! NOW LOVE THE CRAZIE BLOND!!!!!!


3. Harry's POV

Liam and Lou told Niall and me what Paul had told them. And I was pretty sure that we had to go and find Zayn to tell him before being told. As soon as Liam said we had to go find Zayn, Lou, Niall, and I headed for the door. Sadly we were such in a hurry that Niall, Lou, and I got stuck in the Freaking Door! Thankfully, Liam came and pushed Louis through the door and pulled me from the door way and Niall just had to stand still. As soon as we were all out of the door, we ran down the hall. We got in the van and drove to Perrie’s. When we got to Perrie’s we found Jessy and the others but no Zayn or Perrie. We didn’t bother to ask the girls where they were because they seemed to be very upset. The lads and I just decided to Zayn and Perrie’s favorite park that they always go to. On the way there we say many of fans of One Direction and Little Mix at the hospital. And we saw Perrie’s car. My first thought, “OH MY GOD! Zayn got hurt!” Niall screamed, “LOU, park, we need to see what happen to Zayn.” Louis parked as yelled to do and we ran to the front desk. We ask the really cute lady at the front desk, which room a Zayn Malik would be in. “He is in room 406 with Perrie Edwards.” She politely answered. The lads walked away but I stayed and asked, “And what would your beautiful name be.” She answered, “Tiffiny, and I know who you are, you’re the famous and really cute, Harry Styles of One Direction.” Half of my effort was lost in space. The other was on earth not responding to command center. “HARRY!” Liam yelled. “Coming Liam. I’ll be back, Tiffiny.” I said. I ran down the hall and I think she laughed at what I said but I wasn’t really sure. We got up to the third floor and were walking down the hall. We were looking for 406 but we were in the wrong hall and we found 604. Then again, Louis was the one who said that it was 604 and Liam knew darn well that it was 406. We followed Liam to the other hall and shortly after we found 406. We walked in and Zayn got up to walk out the door but he also didn’t want to leave Perrie. Louis told him what Paul had said and he knew what the Directioners would do if we ended the band. “Okay. If we stay together do we all promise that we won’t argue after every gig?” Zayn asked. I was gonna answer but Niall did before I did. “YES! C’mon Zayn we need you, PLEEAAASSE?” Niall pleaded. I said, “NIALL! That’s what I was gonna say.” All Niall did was give me an evil look. Zayn told Perrie that he’ll be back later and we all went to Nando’s.
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