One step at a time

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  • Published: 24 May 2013
  • Updated: 24 May 2013
  • Status: Complete
One step at a time


1. One step at a time

As the darkness closes around you

and icy tendrils pulse through your veins

when all hope has been abandoned

and you are tied to ground by chains.



When you have no one to run to

no road to take, or place to hide

when you are left in the eye of the storm

all alone, with no one by your side.



Living your life as an outcast

barely clutching at straws

trying to keep your hopes up

but feeling torn to shreds by claws.



The clouds have no silver linings

the stars have lost their shine

the sun is blocked by darkness

and your life has begun to decline.



The world has lost its beauty

your life feels like a crime

the light has turned to darkness

but you'll make it one step at a time.






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