a mother loss

this story is about a young girl called Zendaya who didn't know who her mum was till 3 years ago, she didn't know she had a sister or an illness that threatened her preacious life


3. Seeing mum

*Zendaya's POV* mum walked in carrying two plates of noodles and pie, my faveriot dinner - mum obviously hadn't forgot about me, mum smiled at me as she handed me the plate 'for you darling, I know it's your fave' she said to me. She walked over to Lily and handed her hers Lily ate her dinner before me and took her plate into the kitchen and washed it up and came back out once I'd finished mine and she offered to take it in the kitchen and wash it up 'nah you sit down and i'll do it' I said to her trying to be polite she went and sat down. Lily didn't seem to please pleased the I was here, well I haven't been here for 3 years I should have expected it. Once I had finished washing up my plate I came back out and sat down mum smiled at me ' it's your 21st soon ain't it?' mum asked me I just nodded 'yeah' I said 'in about 3 weeks' I said. My mum had an idea, well at least I thought she did from the look on her face. She took lily in another room, she was planning something otherwise she would of told lily infront of me. They came out about 10 minutes later lily was smiling at mum they had something planned for sure and wanted to keep it from me
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