a mother loss

this story is about a young girl called Zendaya who didn't know who her mum was till 3 years ago, she didn't know she had a sister or an illness that threatened her preacious life


4. Planning her party

*Lily's POV*

Mum dragged me into the kitchen once we'd finished our dinner "hey why dont we plan her party, she's turning 21 and this is the first time we've seen her in a good few years" mum told me.

i smiled at her "yeah, she could do with a lovely surprise" i told her walking back out into the living room

"so what were you's talking about?" Zendaya asked me

i smiled "oh nothing hun, dont you worry about it"

"well how about you show Zendaya where she'll be sleeping then?"mum said to me, i nodded and signalled for Zendaya to come with me, she followed me up the stairs.I showed her to a large room with pink walls with blue decorations

"this is beautiful" Zendaya said smiling

"it's my old room" i said to her

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