a mother loss

this story is about a young girl called Zendaya who didn't know who her mum was till 3 years ago, she didn't know she had a sister or an illness that threatened her preacious life


2. Metmetig them

*Zendaya's POV*


 I text my sister, well aleast I thought Lily was my sister I wasn't sure mum hadn't told me anything about her before I left. I was delighted when she text me back saying that I could come around and see her and mum for the first time in 3 years.

I was so happy, I wanted to know who my little sister is. It was 5 now, I agreed to meet Lily and mum at 6 I couldn't wait, I've misses mum so much I'm just hoping she still recognises me after the 3 years I've been gone.

I had better get there early I thought to myself as I walked down the steep stairs and to the front door I pushed my shiny sliver key through the narrow space in the door and slowly turned it and pushed down the handle and pulled the door open and stepped out, once I was out I turned and pulled the door shut and once again pushed my key through the narrow slit in the door and locked the door before walking off to my deep blue corsa and unlocking it and getting in, I was so nervous but excited I couldn't wait I started the car and drove to mums house I knocked loud in the door and a young girl about 16 opened the door, she was the spitting image if mum with long blonde hair her gleaming blue eyes and her fair skin with a few freckles scattered across her face.

I smiled at her and she smiled back but I had a feeling she had no idea who I was I'm guessing mum didn't tell her she had a big sister. She told me to come in and sit in the living room waiting for her mum to come out

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