I am yours Niall

I am yours Niall


5. The Garden

It was four a.m in the morning and we all are getting ready to go to the air port. 


Are we ready... Harry said.. then the rest of us wee like yeah...in a sleppy voice. Lets go.. Niall was driving so i sat at the passenger seat next to him.. 

when we arrived at the airport...we gave our passport and the men checked us in. After that we all went to have breakfast and MAC donalds... WE were laughing and telling jokes at the same time eating. We went in our airplanes AND THE GIRLS WAS SHOCKED... where is everyone...then Liam said we are the everyone...SURPRISE!!! 


Linna;'s povs .. 


WOW Niall this is great..i took a seat next to him... the fight was 4 hours and 21 min..we were all sleeping.. when we reach the the place we were liked screaming and shouting...hello holiday... 


We took a cab to the hotel..the hoyel was so called The Garden..it was so beautiful..the weather was nce...we cheacked in and Liam and Danni gave us our keys...We dicided not to do anythig cause we were all very tired after a long flight.

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