I am yours Niall

I am yours Niall


14. The baby

SO i called my parent and asked if there free..and they were

So i talk to them nicely and they were kind of mad but then they calm down and actually happy for me and Niall,so did Niall's parent...


So its been 6 month of me being like this...well Niall does not let go any where at all.So the girls took care of me when the boys go for concert.


After 9 months..i felt very great...its good actually and Niall was also very happy to be a dad.


it was like 9 a.m in the morning so i when down to see the girls what are they cooking...then i flt pain,i scream for help and the boys,Niall and the girls all ran to me..guys i think the baby is coming...

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