I am yours Niall

I am yours Niall


2. The after party

Linna's POVS  


After the concert,the boys,me,El,Perrie and Danni when to a club called Kharma. We were all drunk except for Liam and Danni;duh.The rest of us were drunk and wild. Niall and i were dancing like wildcats. I want you now Linna...Niall slid his hand in my panties...I nod and stop him. Niall we are not home yet. I dont care Linna. Wait honey. At 1.30 a.m. we allwent home... Liam was driving. El and Loi,Perrie and Zayn, me and Niall was already making out in the car. When we reach the boys apartment Niall bring me up tohis room brodal style. The rest did their own thing. Harry brought back a girl from the club home. Backto me and Niall. As we reach Niall's room... I slame the door with my right foot and lock it. I started to unbutton my dress but Niall stop me. Hold up just a minute princess. Niall pick me and put me on his bed. He pressed his lips on mine.He starts to explore my neck.Niall unbutton my dress and bra. He starts to wonder around me. Small moans came out of me.Niall was licking my right breast and holding my left breast. My hand was reaching his zip and unzipped his jeans as far as i could. Before i realized anything i was on top of him... My lips were pressing to his...He went and get a condom and put it at his lenght.  As he thrust in and out of me...Quite moans came out of me.His thrust became deeper and faster..I managed to call his name out in my heavy breathing...Niall... Im sorry Linna if i hurt you. You did not Niall just not that fast.. He thrust deeper hitting my G-spot with every thrust.He beggan to kiss the back of me.. He move himself to me and when to the toilet to remove the condom... After a while he climbed on te bed cudding next to. Good night he whisper. 

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