I am yours Niall

I am yours Niall


4. Holiday


When we reach the aparment Linna decided we all should go to a holiday.. I mean the boys are on a reak anyways so...We all agree to go to the south coast beaches..




Thats its then we are going on a holiday.The boys book a flight...While the girls do their thing. So honey is the tickets book El asked. Just about...YES we are going on a holiday TOMORROW..the whole house was clapping for joy. 


Linna's POVS  


Niall and i went to our room and start packing. Niall was jumping every where. This is very cool we are actually going on a holiday together Linn. Its going to be a blast dont you think... YES IT WILL Niall...i know so. We all did our own thing the whole day. its already late honey come and joined me in this big bed...  sure why not.. we stared to cuddle abd went to sleep. 

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