I am yours Niall

I am yours Niall


7. Give me everything

We all went to our rooms... 


Niall's pov 


Linna iam stuffed how bout you 


Linna's pov

Not really..i started to climbed on top of him.. he pressed his lips to mine...Niall than was on me he was kissing my neck and started to open my dress followed by my bra... he started to flick them and quite moan came out of me...Niall...i want you now..patient baby girl. He was kissing my lips and found his zip and unzipped it. He than took a condom and put it at his lenght...i was compleately naked and Niall was pumping slowly in and out of me..Moans was coming from me..he began to thrust deeper and faster...i was reaching my climax..Niall....wait baby just a little longer he encouraged me..He was then reaching his climax but he keep on going his thrust became sloppy as he go faster..he pressed his lips to mine.. WE WERE HAVING SO MUCH FUN..,Niall can you go a little slower but not to slow i say in my heavy breathing...He began to pivk up the pace as i was begging for more...O my god Niall this is so good...He then began to thrust slower and then he stop.. We had sex for about 25 minutes NIall... then tomorrow will make longer...Niall said as for that we both fallasleep in each other ars...

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