I am yours Niall

I am yours Niall


6. Dinner

Niall's pov 


Get up honey..the rest our going to meet us at the hotel buffet for dinner. So come on and lets get ready. Alright Niall im going to take a quick shower...before i could finish my sentence Niall bumped in..so will i.. 


Linna's pov 


What do you mean by so do i...i want to take a shower with you..thats what i mean...okey Niall but no sex just normal shower okey.. ooo men why not. you can have me after dinner okey... 


So we didi our shower and get ready. I choose to wear a so called dress,a short one with a shiny red rose on top of it with red highheels...i decided to let my hair go and Niall wore a coat with black pants..we wnet to the buffet and meet the others... 


Danni's pov 


Nice dress you got there Linn...YOU TO dANNI... sHE WAS WEARING SUCH A BEAURIFUL DRESS ... okey so i guess everyone is here so come on lets go and eat.. Niall was jumping for joy.. 


We all sat together at a round table... We when to choose our food... WE ATE A LOT I CAN TELL nIALL ATE THE MOST...


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