I am yours Niall

I am yours Niall


9. Club

WE were all hanging out at the lobby...Hey guys how bout we go to beach said Zayn and Perrie... and we all agree...we went back to our room to get ready. 


Linna's pov


Its going to be great. Niall i love you so much..i dont know what i do with out you...i will always be here with you linn...he pressed his lipps to mine. Come on lets go i think they are waiting for us...


We went to the beach together...we took a lot of pictures and it was so fun...then Niall got hungry so we went to change and went for dinner at a restaurant called Hippous...Harry decide to go to a club tonight..so after dinner we went back to the hotel and get change... i decided to wear a sparkle shiny dress...and curl my hair... 


Niall's pov


Linna was very a very sexy dress..she turns me on...you look beautiful Linn...you too Niall...we then kiss for bout 45 seconds.

Come on Linna lets go.. to the club we go...


Loi was drving...cant wait to get there and have a wild party...

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