I am yours Niall

I am yours Niall


3. Breakfast

Asley's POVS 


I woke up in Harry's bed.He was still sleeping.I kiss his cheek so he would wake up and he did.Hello beautiful he said in a british accent.It's time to get up or we are going to be the ones leave out... Leave out for what Harry? BREAKFAST duh... Of course  did not want to miss that. So stop talking Styles and lets get ready.  


Niall's POVS


Come on beautiful wake. We gotta be fast if nno... 'were going to be leave out' i know Niall.. Then good if you know so come on lets get ready. the both of us got dress and went downstrairs the rest was already in the car. 




I sat with the girl than i saw a new face.Perrie introduce her to me. Linna this is Ashley;Harry's girlfriend.Nice to meet you Ashley. Nice to meet you to Linna. So as always the girls will talk about normal stuff like gossip,fashion or something and the boys well they dont do much.  


Went we reach the restaurant. We were all holding hands as in couple by couple. We went into the restaurant together.Niall filled the table with food before any of us take a seat. We all laugh at him. He is so cute when he is hungry. So we ate as much as we could and went back to the apartment...

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