I am yours Niall

I am yours Niall


13. Are you sure

Linna's povs


Tears went over me...what should i do..what am i going to tell my parents and what will they say plus how bout you..what will your parents say...more tears came falling down


Niall's pov


its okey princess wil fine away..to get through this.. i'll be here next to you every step of the way...i promiss

so...we want to keep this a secret for a while


We also went to see the doctor for check up and all...the baby was health

Niall,well i think its time

for what dear??? well its been a while.. we kept this secret for about 3 months and my tummy is getting bigger

allright then lets tell them


Linna's pov


Hey guys...some and Niall got something to tell you guys well you see im actually well im PREGNENT... 

The guys was like...their mouth was wide open...since when Perrie asked...

2 months ago...so the two of you keep this huge secret for like 2 months...harry said in a shocking voice...

Why you guys din't tell us,were your best bud right


Ashley's pov


Anyways,were happy for the both of you...same here..Danni said


Actually all of us...Liam said


thanks guys...so it all when perfect now its parent telling time...

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