A Sweet Memory

It is about a short sweet day which is going to remain in our memories.


1. Happy


                        A SWEET MEMORY

“Oh! Mom I’m so nervous that none of this food is going down my throat,” said Anjana, her voice wavering with anxiety.

“Then, Let me have the biryani in your plate,” said Sonali, her fraternal twin, pulling Anjana’s plate towards herself.

“As if I really meant that,” said Anjana snatching her plate back.

“Girls. I know you’ll do fine in the Mahabharata test tomorrow. You’ve learned it by heart.” Said their mother.

“Besides it’s not the prize we want. It is just a test of your knowledge about it. You should be satisfied with your performance.” Said their father putting the raitha into his plate.

The parents cracked some jokes to cheer up the duo. The family soon finished their dinner and went to bed.

“We will do well, won’t we?” asked Anjana to Sonali.

“Yes, yes we will. Now don’t you spread your anxiety to me.”said Sonali.

After a good night’s sleep and rest, the family woke up with a fresh mind.

They all freshened themselves. They got ready and left to the school where the test was held. When they reached they told their roll numbers and went to their classes to write the exam. They had never heard about this school or the competition. The benches looked rusted and very weird from their school benches. Although they had no other choice, but, to adjust. There were many invigilators and supervisors.

All of them looked good but not as good as Anjana and Sonali. The test was of 50 questions and all of them were very easy. All of them finished the test very soon. They had to wait for some hours to go out as soon as they went they found their parents waiting for them. As they were walking out their parents stopped them to tell something.

“Girls. We have a surprise for you.” Said there mother.

“We are going to have lunch at a restaurant at 1 pm!” said their father surprisingly.

“Wow! But it’s still 12.” Said Sonali.

“So we’re going to the iris stores and spend some time there.” Said there father. And all agreed. As they sat in the car,”Oh! We forgot a very important thing! How was your test?” asked their mom.

“Damn easy.” Said Anjana and Sonali together.

Soon after spending time in iris and purchasing some things they reached the hotel named- Meals of Delight.

The hotel was wide and spacy. The chandeliers were shining. The chair’s cushions were reflecting the light of the chandeliers.  The glasses were made from the most expensive types.

“May I please take your order sir?” came a waiter.

“Yes please. We would like some Tomato soup and chats for the starter. The rest we would take it from buffet corner there. Thank you.” Said Mr. Mehra- father of Anjana and Sonali’s father.

The waiter bowed in front of them and went. He soon came with the order. The waiter quietly placed the order and left.

“Although I hate tomatoes, I love tomato soup” said Anjana slurping her soup.

The waiter soon brought the chats near them.

“ I just love chats a lot” said Sonali.

They soon finished their delicious pani puri, masala puri and dahi puri.

They took their plate. They put food. The delicious gobi manchuri, pulav and many more dishes which couldn’t resist them.

As they finished lunch they went spend the evening at the park.They enjoyed a lot. The girls had a race, enjoyed on the swing, slide & see-saw.

They soon went home, ate dinner and went to bed- to get ready for their next day’s entertainment.










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