An Unexpected Funder

Ginny's Quidditch team doesn't have enough money. Will Draco help, despite his depression? Will she help him in return by being his friend? Or more? And what'll happen when Harry comes back?


7. Window Pane

Draco POV

We're walking silently side by side, both thinking about what happened. Why did she kiss me? We just agreed the first one never should have happened. It shouldn't have happened. Neither of them. I mean, it's not like I like her or anything…

I glance aside from the corner of my eyes and see her frowning. She looks a little frustrated. That's a good thing, we wouldn't want to repeat this again, would we?

It wasn't that bad actually, it was a pretty good kiss and I should know. Slytherin prince and all, I've had my share of kisses I'm proud to say.
From what I've heard she got hers too. She and Potter were a thing back at Hogwarts, everyone was talking about it. It feels a little weird thinking about her kissing someone else. Just weird. It could also be a stomach bug or something… It's gone now anyway, I should watch what I eat more…

We arrive at the restaurant and take a seat at a table near the window. She looks out of the window while I stare at her. Well, mostly at her hair. It shines in the sunlight, which makes it look even redder, almost ruby. I really shouldn't stare at her, she'll probably think I like her, in a more than a friend kind of way. Which I don't, of course I don't like her. I just need someone to talk to.

I'm this desperate.

We order something, I don't even know what, I was too busy thinking to have even looked at the menu. I promised her not to talk about it, but that kiss is driving me nuts! I can't stop thinking about it, and about the way her hair felt. It felt as soft as it looks, which is impossible. It's even softer than my hair and I spend about 30 galleons buying shampoo and conditioner.

I slowly look up at her hair, mesmerised by the memory of the softness of it, but quickly look away as she notices me staring (again..). That really won't give her the idea I don't like her…

So I look out the window and try to think of other things. Like: Will funding the Harpies help rescue the family business?; What did I want to talk about with her again?; Why did I let her kiss me?; Will we go back to the same alley to Apparate back home?

That would really be awkward! Maybe we'd even kiss again… That'd be … nice I guess.
No of course it won't happen and if it would it'd be very bad, because I don't like her that way.

Wait, I'm thinking about her AGAIN! I really have to stop this… Alright, what did I want to talk to her about, other than the kiss...? Right… The War, wasn't it? Or something associated with the War.

The food arrives and I muster up some strength to talk to her again. After a few bites of my sandwich, (why in the world did I choose salmon? I hate salmon!), I clear my throat to get her attention.

She looks at me and jumps, as if she had forgotten I was there and immediately our eyes lock. I just can't seem to look away from her eyes, they're so beautiful! They're as invitingly blue as a swimming pool, beckoning me to please drown in them.

I gulp and close my mouth, my jaw had hit the floor the minute she looked at me. I don't know how long ago that was, it's like time has no meaning in our little bubble.

The waiter comes up to us and coughs slightly embarrassed to get our attention. Finally I'm able to look away and he asks if I'd like another drink, seeing my glass empty. We both order another coffee and he walks away to fetch them.

Carefully I look at her again and luckily this time she's looking at her plate instead of me. The minute the waiter reaches the kitchen she gets up and murmurs that she'll go to the bathroom and will be back in a minute. She's off before I can utter one single word.

What the hell happened? How long did we sit there looking in each others eyes and letting our food get cold? It could've been a minute or a quarter of an hour I wouldn't know. I do know that it has nothing to do with her and/or my relationship with her. Not that we're in a relationship or something… Not more than a friendship at least.

I won't let that happen again, ever! That's just wrong! She's like a client, or an employee, you don't date them! Even if she wasn't she's from a wrong family and she's annoying, probably dating The Boy Who Lived with Weasel for a brother… I almost pity her…

She won't be dating Potter right? I mean they were an item but still… They're wrong together, just not meant to be… Not that I believe in that kind of stuff… I just can't picture them together, and I think I'd rather not see that happening either, I might throw up…

How long has she been in the bathroom? She won't "escape" out of the window or something, right? That'd be bad… I would be sitting here waiting for her and she'd be gone, because of our moment. Let's just call it that, a moment, nothing more nothing less. Well, maybe less but certainly not more. It's passed and it was just in that moment and it won't happen again it wasn't more than one moment…

She's still not back… I take a bite of my now cold sandwich and look at my watch. Alright, if she's not out within 5 minutes I'll go. I slowly finish my sandwich and drink my coffee after the waiter brought it. Sipping from my coffee I look out of the window at the weird contraptions passing.
Some things I recognise from pictures in my Muggle Studies textbook, others I've never seen before.

When I get really bored I look at my watch. Five minutes have passed… That means she's been in there for about 10 minutes…

She's gone.

I stand up and walk to the bar and pay the bill. Luckily I remembered to bring some Muggle money with me. The waiter looks at me with a sad face, like he's empathising and this has happened to him before. I can't believe she sneaked out. Where is her Gryffindor courage? She's supposed to be the type to not get afraid by things like this. Let alone run away!

I walk out of the restaurant to the alley, trying hard not to think about what happened there.

Why would she leave? She doesn't hate me right? Not that much though, she even agreed to meet again! I'm not that horrific, right? Or did she just lead me on to embarrass me? But why in the world would she choose a Muggle restaurant instead of a wizarding one if she wanted to embarrass me? No-one knows me here… So why?

I turn the corner and Apparate home as quick as possible. When I arrive I walk swiftly to my room, still thinking about her.

I sprawl over a couch and dwell in self-loathing. I really am awful everyone hates me, just because I didn't do anything. I wish I'd died in war, that way I wouldn't have to live like this. Without any friends to talk to or to do anything with.

It's no wonder she left me that way, why wouldn't she? I probably wouldn't want to sit with myself if I'd been her. I'm pathetic! Sitting here by myself thinking about my own misery!

I probably would've stopped funding the Harpies, only not to see her again, laughing at me with the others, but I can't it's probably my only chance to rebuild 'Malfoy Enterprises'.

I'm pathetic enough to want to see a girl that just walked out on me, just because she's the only one wanting to talk to me. I should really go out someday soon, or just socialise with someone. I don't know who, but that doesn't matter, I should get a friend. Not a fake friend, who'd leave with my money first chance, but one that really cares about me and wants to talk to me.

Slowly a single tear drips down my cheek and I rub it away before it reaches my chin.

I'm not going to cry over a girl I didn't even like. I should've seen it coming. Of course she wouldn't like me, those kisses were just to lead me on and to embarrass me at a second date.

She probably wanted to break me down after everything I've done to her. I bullied her for 6 years! And here I was, thinking she might like me. I won't miss her, of course not! I don't need her! I can live my own life!

Well, maybe I'm going to miss her hair and eyes. I'll never find anything like them again. But she's not the only gorgeous woman in the world, there are enough left that will like me.

Rubbing my eyes I get a drink and settle on the couch with a book.

Alright I might miss her warmth and sincerity, but not very much.
And I won't miss her kisses, jokes, smile or touch.

Merlin who am I kidding? I'm going to miss every moment with her!

Why did she leave?

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