An Unexpected Funder

Ginny's Quidditch team doesn't have enough money. Will Draco help, despite his depression? Will she help him in return by being his friend? Or more? And what'll happen when Harry comes back?


18. Tears

Draco POV

One second I was peacefully sleeping in my bed, not a care in the world, the next I find myself waking up a little too quickly for my liking.

And that all because of a certain witch, who just burst in and ran up to my bed. Not thinking about the fact that it was 10 o'clock and that I might be sleeping. I quickly woke up when I noticed that she was crying very very hard.

I sat up and pulled her as close as possible, holding her there while she kept on sobbing, all the while wondering what could have possibly happened to get her this upset. She didn't seem to be hurt, well physically at least, so that couldn't be it. But what could it be?

I softly stroked her hair, trying to calm her down, so that she could tell me what was wrong. I even muttered in her ear that everything was going to be alright, which is saying a lot about how much I care about her, I never did show that much emotion. Now I'm with her, I just can't help it, even though it still feels weird at times.

When she finally stopped bawling her eyes out, I slowly pulled away slightly, wincing when I felt my ribs protest a bit, even though it has been days since my 'accident', they were still not completely healed. She immediately let go of me when she saw me wince.

"Oh, I'm so so so sorry! You haven't healed completely. Are you OK? Does it hurt? Should I call a Mediwitch?" She kept on ranting, even though I tried to tell her it was alright. She just wouldn't stop talking.

So I kissed her, which shut her up pretty quickly. When I came up to breathe, I told her I was fine and that she shouldn't worry about me. Then I said: "But what happened to you, what's gotten you so shaken up?"

"Well, I went to the Burrow and Harry…" Well, she'd gone to see Harry, that explains a lot. She's probably here to tell me we should quit, that it would never work between us and that Harry was the guy she wanted to be with.

"Ginny, I get it. You don't have to beat around the bush any longer, if you're going to dump me, then please make it quick." So I can cry without her seeing me, and thus looking incredibly pathetic.

"I know you love him and would never leave him, I don't know what I was thinking, trying to get you to like me and all."

She looked at me like I was going insane or something, but that didn't matter. I could feel tears trying to leak out of my eyes and had to get her out of here before they poured over.

"Gin, I would understand it, if you left now. I just want to be alone for a while."

I looked anywhere but at her, hoping she wouldn't notice the tears in my eyes. Malfoys never show emotions and now I knew why. They're bad things, they make you weak and vulnerable. I turned around so she wouldn't see the tears gathering in my eyes.

"What? What are you talking about? Of course I won't leave and I'm not going to dump you after I just broke up with Harry."

"You broke up with Harry? Why? I thought you…"

"Liked him?" She laughed softly, "once maybe, but lately…"

I beamed at her, and kissed her, still grinning like a Cheshire cat…

"So that's why you came in here crying." I said after I'd pulled back.

"Yes, what did you think I was crying about otherwise?"

"Well…" I said, shuffling uncomfortably in bed, "I thought you wanted to… break up with me." I ended softly, not wanting to admit this.

"And why would I do that after I snogged you for the better part of an hour last time I saw you?"

"Well.. you never know…" I mumbled not sure what to say to that and kissed her again.

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