An Unexpected Funder

Ginny's Quidditch team doesn't have enough money. Will Draco help, despite his depression? Will she help him in return by being his friend? Or more? And what'll happen when Harry comes back?


14. No Funder

Ginny POV

"Why do these kind of things always happen to us!" I heard Gwenda, my coach, mutter grumpily and got out of her way quickly, before I got stomped over. "What's wrong with her?" I asked Amy.

"I honestly don't know, but I think it's got something to do with the meeting she's called us in for."

Gee, you think? Amy really isn't that bright, never has been and probably never will be, but she's the best friend in the world.

"How about we go and find out what the meeting's about?" I said and walked in to our "conference room" aka oversized broom closet with a table and a couple of chairs squeezed in and where it's impossible to walk around the table with people sitting at it.

Of course we were one of the first in, nobody wants to be with an angry Gwenda longer than absolutely necessary, and sat down at the side of the table as far away from her as possible. Not only didn't we want to block the room, but we also wanted to keep a safe distance. Not that that would matter if she'd try to hex us, but this way she wouldn't knock us out, without giving us a chance to flee.

As we sat down slowly, not looking her in the eye as if she was a hippogriff, she kept on muttering in herself, apparently we got lucky and she didn't notice us. Or she did and was planning a way to take her anger out on us.

Alright, I know she might sound like someone with an anger management problem, well, she is, but most of the time she is very nice and wouldn't hurt a fly. So to speak. Normally she's the epitome of decency, peace and non-violence, but just don't get on her wrong side. That's not pretty.

Slowly the rest of the team came in and cautiously sat down in silence, the only thing to be heard was Gwenda's muttering and our breathing. In… out…

When finally everybody was present, Gwenda looked up for the first time, as if she just noticed she wasn't alone. She scraped her throat and you could see the people, who'd been a bit late and thus had to sit near Gwenda, wince in fright.

Gwenda continued as if she hadn't noticed. "I've got bad news for all of us."

I really hadn't been expecting that with the way she was acting. Of course I'd thought she was going to tell us we'd won the cup, and that's why she was angry. Right, of course it was bad news!

"Again we are without a funder." At this everyone started chatting amongst themselves and all you could hear for a couple of minutes was: "What, why?" "Why did he stop funding us?" and "Now I'll never go out with him!" The last one of course came from Amy, she really can't prioritize.

Actually, I really wanted to know what happened to him, I mean, I did have Harry now, but that doesn't mean that I don't like Dra-Malfoy anymore. It's purely platonic, it's not like I fancy him or anything. It's just that he seemed so sad, all alone without any friends or family. I was kind of shocked that he'd stopped funding us, why would he? He didn't stop because of… me, did he? I know I saw him just before Harry and me Apparated, but he wouldn't take it this bad, right? I mean, I know I should've broken up with him before kissing Harry, but it's not like we'd been an item.

We both didn't talk about our kisses. That sounds… great. Kisses, as in multiple, and everything it stands for. The soft touch of his lips on mine, the way his body felt against mine and those silver eyes boring into mine, making my knees go weak even thinking about it. But that's just guilt, I'm with Harry now and I've loved him from the moment I first saw him.

Then Gwenda told us all to SHUT UP and slowly we stopped talking. "As I was saying, we don't have a funder anymore. He can't fund us at the moment because he's gone into a coma."

"What!" I heard someone scream, barely noticing it was me.

"I can understand you're shocked and so am I. He can't fund us while he is in a coma, then all his accounts are frozen, except for payments for his treatment of course."

Like that's the most important, Draco in a coma, I couldn't believe it. How? He seemed fine last time I saw him, but that doesn't mean that much, he could've had a heart attack, even though he's in good shape. Which I know because I've been pressed up against his chest while kissing. How could he have gone into a coma?

Then Gwenda started talking again. "So the Mediwizards said that it would do him good to be in human company, even though he might be out. Maybe his subconscious notices that he's needed here. He doesn't really have that much friends or family" A total of zero. "So I made a schedule, so we will all sit with him for a while. If he doesn't wake up within a week, then we're going to look for a new funder. I really hope we don't have to, but otherwise we won't be able to play anymore."

I still couldn't believe that's the only thing she could think about. It doesn't matter to her if he's alive, sick or dead, as long as he funds us. But it does matter, he matters, at least to me. And probably to a lot of other girls here, well, at least to a few.

"I'll take the first shift." I heard myself say, and realized I really wanted to see him, see if he's just a bit ill or really close to dying as Gwenda told us.

"All right, thanks for offering, he's in room 50110 in St. Mungo's. I'll owl the rest of you the schedule as soon as I've finished it. Right, then I'll see you tomorrow at practice."

"See you tomorrow!" And then I ran out of the oversized broom closet and quickly Apparated to St. Mungo's. I walked straight to his room 50110 and opened the door softly to find a seemingly sleeping Draco in bed.

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