An Unexpected Funder

Ginny's Quidditch team doesn't have enough money. Will Draco help, despite his depression? Will she help him in return by being his friend? Or more? And what'll happen when Harry comes back?


3. Funder

Ginny POV

Yugh, he hasn't changed one bit. He really hasn't and I hope I'll never see him again. If my day wasn't ruined already, now it certainly is. The only

way in which he's changed is that he's even more infuriating. With his stupid comments, childish "jokes", they're not even funny. Stupid attitude,

he walks around like he owns the place and everyone is his ample servant. Dumb, ferrety, idiotic, ferrety, self pitied, ferrety, annoying, ferrety,

confusing, ferrety, handsome, ferrety, malicious creature! Wait, handsome? Did I really think that? No, just a slip of the tongue, if your mind can

slip it's tongue… Anyway, he really is! Did you see those muscles? He didn't even fall over when I walked into him. That never happened before,

ever. Not with anyone but other Quidditch players. But he's not very handsome, he's just average cute. He's not that cute at all, it's just his eyes.

The rest of him is quite OK, but not more than that. Right?

I'm sitting in my room, looking at the ceiling. I decided to go home for diner after I found 2 possible funders. They probably won't want to fund us,

but we could always try? I owl the names of the businesses to Gwenog and decide to just call it a night. After redressing and brushing my teeth, I

lay down under the covers. But I can't seem to get to sleep tonight. I keep thinking about everything that's happened today. Malfoy, Quidditch,

the twin's Joke shop, Mum, I just can't seem to stop thinking about it. The last thing I think about, before I finally fall asleep, are a pair of silver

eyes looking at me intently.

I wake up with a start, because my owl keeps ticking his beak against the glass. I throw my pillow at the window and try not to wake up. Of

course I remember just after I threw the pillow that I can't sleep without it. Sighing I get up, eyes still closed, against the bright sunlight creeping

into my room through the window. Apparently I forgot to close the curtains yesterday. After tripping over various clothes, shoes and chairs, I

decide it's better to open my eyes just a tiny bit. I reach my window with ease and open it to let my owl in. I take the letter of its leg and give it a

little treat. She screeches and I give him another, bigger treat. She looks a little more content and flies away to sit on my wardrobe.

Then I read the letter. It's Gwenog's reply to my last letter, saying that we may have a new funder! He just wants to meet with the team as a

whole and with every player alone, to see what kind of team it is and if there's a little team spirit and stuff. He'll be meeting us all at 10 this

morning, and me alone at half past 6 in the evening. Slowly a grin spreads on my face. I can't believe it! We have a new funder! I start jumping up
and down and quickly run down to tell the rest of the family the amazing news. "Guys, guess what?" I ask with a grin that would give the

Cheshire cat a run for his money. "We've got a new funder!"

The rest of the family looks at me sleepily and yawns in answer, that probably has something to do with the fact that it's 7 o'clock in the morning.

After about a minute to let the info sink in they slowly start grinning and congratulating me. The rest of the morning passes by in what seems to

be like just a couple of minutes. And soon it's time to go to the Quidditch pitch of the Harpies. When I Apparate there I'm one of the last ones to

arrive so I quickly take a seat around our conference table. I ask the girl on my right, Amy Grape, where the new funder is. She says: "Not a clue,

but I think with Gwenda."

"Oh, right, do you know which company will be funding us?"

"Actually, no, the letter didn't say anything about it."

"That's weird, I mean, why not tell us who'll be funding us?"

"They probably have a good reason…"

Then suddenly the door opens and Gwenog walks through the door. She sits down at the head of the table. The moment she walks through the

door everyone stops talking and looks at her intently. She looks every one of us in the eyes, before she starts talking.

"As all of you know, we may have a new funder. It's not completely sure yet, because he wants to know what kind of team we are, if we're no

good, he probably won't fund us."

She looks around again, even slower this time.

"The funder didn't want me to reveal his identity to you in a letter, so I've decided to tell you in a meeting. He's now waiting in the hallway, but he

asked me to tell you who he is before he enter, because you might not all like him. Before I tell you who he is, I want to remind you that he might

be our only hope. There are probably no other businesses willing to fund us, so we'll have to get over him, as a person."

That got us all sitting at the tips of our seats, I look around me, wondering what everyone else thinks of this. I personally think I could accept

almost anyone, as long as this team stays together, he's our last chance.

"I want you all to keep that in mind. You probably all heard of him. Our new funder is: Draco Malfoy."

I freeze in my chair. Malfoy? No way! He'll never fund a Quidditch team, let alone an all female one. I look at Amy, she's almost as shocked as I am.
"No way", I tell her, "he won't do that right?" She looks at me like she just woke up and says: "Apparently, he does."

O My God! Malfoy will be funding my team! What if he doesn't want to anymore when he sees that I'm on the team. I wish I hadn't been so bitchy

to him yesterday. That conversation will probably ruin my career and everyone else's in this room.

"Alright then," Gwenda says, "does anyone have any complains?" Everyone shakes their heads warily. "Great! I'll let him in then." She walks

through the door and comes back only a second later with Malfoy by her side. Those silver eyes, it's like I can't see anything beyond them, they're

so handsome. They used to be cold, steel blue eyes, but they've changed. Now they're the most amazing eyes I've ever seen, a clear liquid silver

with a little hidden bit of warmth in them, almost invisible. Damn, I'm staring, I realise and quickly look at the table in front of me, I hope he hasn't


After a quick greeting and introducing round he says: "You probably have a lot of questions for me and I'll be glad to answer, but I'd like to get to

know you all before I start funding this team. I'd like to have a one-on-one conversation with you all. Gwenda says she made a schedule of when

I'll be talking with which one of you." Gwenda reaches into her bag and starts handing out schedules. "So I'm looking forward to meeting you

sometime today. As for now, what do you expect from me as a funder?"

We all think about that for a moment and someone says: "We'd like to have some money to maintain the pitch properly, we'll probably need new

shirts with your logo on it and you'll probably want to make a billboard to put against the fence round the field. And of course you'll get your own

skybox. That's about it, right?" She looks at us and we all nod. Malfoy seems to be thinking, but nods eventually. "I'm not sure if I'll always be

there at your matches, but I'll come as often as possible." "Right, when there are no more questions, I think this meeting is finished", Gwenda

says, I'll see you tomorrow at practise." I follow everyone else to the door, until Malfoy says: "Miss Weasley, could I have a word with you

please?" I slowly turn, ignoring the curious glances I get from my teammates. "Of course Mr. Malfoy, What seems to be the problem?" He'll not kick
me from the team, right? Not just because I wasn't that nice yesterday.

"Is it alright with you if I sponsor your team?"

"Yes, of course. I've nothing to complain about, right?"

"I hope so, I also hope we can keep it civil from now on."

"Of course Mr. Malfoy."

"Great. Did you see that our meeting is scheduled at half past 6?"

I look at the schedule, see that it's true and say: "Now I did," with a little smile.

He twitches his lips in something resembling a smile, but it looks a little fake. "Great, is it ok with you when we would grab dinner during our

I look at his face, how could I ever resist those eyes? "Of course, but why?"

"Because I have to eat sometime tonight and I'm scheduled to talk to you lot from 5 till 8."

"Oh, right, ehm…, I'll see you then right?"

"Right, bye"


I walk away and Apparate home quickly, after telling all the girls what he said. They all thought he was very handsome, but didn't know that he

used to be a death eater, well most of them didn't. At the Burrow everyone is waiting for my arrival, they all want to know who funds us. But after

I told them it is Malfoy, they are all in shock. "I just can't think of him as someone using his money for something other than himself," George says,
"Because," Fred ends his sentence, "he's a self-centred bastard." The rest of the family agrees and Dad says: "When he funds your team you

shouldn't care that much about the why, you should be glad that he wants to fund you." "I am," I tell him, "I just don't like him, but I can maintain

a business relationship with him and not hate him openly." They all nod and I tell them I'll go upstairs to read a bit before the meeting.

Why do I always have to do everything at the last moment? I think to myself, while trying to put on my shoes and to make my hair look a little

presentable. I know, I've had enough time to prepare myself but as every time I try to read when I didn't sleep that well, my eyelids slowly grow

heavier, until I can't seem to keep them open. And that's why I'm running around my room, on one foot wit a shoe, and the other in the process of
being shoe'd, while trying to not spill any toothpaste in my clothes. I put on some of my favourite clothes, I mean, I don't have that many dates so
I have to put them on sometime? Right? Alright it's got something to do with his eyes too. And after thinking about him all day and yes I did think

about him all day long, it's a relief to actually see him. If he'll still be there, because I'm really late! I finally decide to just leave my hair be, it'll

never stay in place no matter how much time I spent on doing it right. I finally realise I'm wearing two different socks, shrug and (finally) put on my
second shoe. After a quick look in the mirror and a quick goodbye to my mum I rush out the door and Apparate to the Quidditch pitch, where I'm

supposed to meet Malfoy. Luckily for me, he's still waiting there when arrive. He just looks a little pissed, but when I reach him I quickly apologise

for being too late. "I'm so so so sorry! I didn't mean to be late, I swear. I just fell asleep, reading!"

He looks at me and seems to decide I'm telling the truth and says: "It's alright, it's only five minutes.

"Yes but still, I would've liked to be on time for starters. It's quite sad to be late for the first appointment."

"I can see your point there, but I can't help it if you read a boring book, it's only logical if you fall asleep."

I grin and say: "It isn't that boring, only a little. Hermione made me read it."

"Hermione eh? How's she doing lately?"

"Ehm.. Fine I guess. Dealing with her memories of the war, as we all are."

He nods. "Well let's go to the restaurant then."

"Ok." He holds out his arm for me, so I can side-along Apparate to our destination.

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