An Unexpected Funder

Ginny's Quidditch team doesn't have enough money. Will Draco help, despite his depression? Will she help him in return by being his friend? Or more? And what'll happen when Harry comes back?


11. Breakfast

Ginny POV

The next morning, I practically skipped down the stairs at the Burrow (almost falling of the last couple of steps) and sat down to eat some breakfast in the kitchen, feeling happier than I had in days.

Harry Potter still liked me! I just couldn't believe it, after all the time he'd ignored me, he still liked me. Whatever happened between Draco and me doesn't matter, the only thing that matters right now is how to prevent awkward situations between Harry and me. Just because he said he liked me, doesn't mean we'll be all lovey-dovey to each other.

What if he'd just go back to ignoring me, or act like yesterday evening didn't happen. I couldn't stand that! That would just be cruel! I slowly put my spoon of porridge to my mouth and take a tiny mouthful of it. I just can't eat with this tension! I'm completely working myself up at the moment, while he'll probably just act normal. But what if he won't, what if he'll actually talk to me, or kiss me like he did last night? But what if he won't? Should I be sad or disappointed? Or just act like nothing's wrong.

You know what? I'll just act like nothing's happened, otherwise I'll make a fool out of myself, because if I'd talk to him about yesterday and he would just ignore me, that would be incredibly embarrassing.

But what if he will talk to me, if I would ignore him then I'll ruin my chances! I just can't stand this any longer.

I pushed my barely touched plate of porridge away from me and started to get up when suddenly the door opened and Harry came in. Our eyes met and a long, awkward silence seemed to fill the room. After what seemed like ages I snapped out of it and sat down again, awkwardly smiling at him in the process and pulled my plate of porridge to me again.

He blinked quickly a couple of times and coughed slightly before he walked into the room and got himself a plate of porridge too. Then he looked at me eating my, now cold, porridge without appetite and sat down across the table from me and smiled softly at me, before he dug into his porridge.

Without looking up from his plate he asked me: "Well… How're you doing this morning Ginny?


I stared at him over my plate, mouth agape, before I came to my senses and stumbled: "Ehm… Fine, thanks, what about you?"



He dropped his spoon, having finished his meal already and looked at me for the first time since he sat down and said: "About yesterday… I just want you to know that I…"

"Yes?" I said, trying to get more information out of him than a couple of unfinished sentences.


"I just want you to know that I meant every word I said, but that I don't want to force you into anything if you don't … you know… want me anymore." That last part came out so softly that I almost didn't catch it.

I looked him in the eye, not blinking once and everything seemed to grow silent the second our eyes met. We just stared at each other for Merlin knows how long, before I said: "You're not forcing me into anything, I still want you like I used to, that never changed."

He kept on staring at me, as if he didn't believe I'd just said that, but slowly a smile broke out on his face. I beamed back at him, not completely believing that this was happening for real, that I was actually still dreaming.

Then slowly he leaned over the table and drew me into a sort of hug, pulling me as close to him as possible with the table in between us.

After a while of just sitting there, we got up and decided that we needed to really talk about where we were standing now and about what we were going to do next.


After a long talk we decided to go to Diagon Alley and just walk around a little, window shopping and watching people pass by. We just kept on walking while the sun set and everything only got more and more like a fairytale, because of the glow of all the lanterns and the lights in the window displays until we got cold and Harry started noticing that I was too tired to really walk straight without leaning on him.

Then we Apparated to the Burrow and he helped me up the immense staircase to my room.

Just in front of my room I slowly turned around to face him, and kissed him. We stood there, in a corridor where anyone from my family could have just walked in on us and kissed. My fingers were pulling at his hair, which was just a little more in a state of disarray than it normally was, and one of his hands lost in my hair pulling my face even closer to his, while the other hand rested softly on my back.

But after what seemed like hours he slowly pulled away from me and bade me goodnight, before he went to his own room just a floor up from mine. He lived at the Burrow ever since he returned to England, because mum wouldn't let him live on his own, because of him being a little bit depressed.


I slowly got into my room, half-asleep already and just fell down on my bed. I slept before my head touched my pillow. The last thought that went through my mind was that this had been the best day of my life.

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