An Unexpected Funder

Ginny's Quidditch team doesn't have enough money. Will Draco help, despite his depression? Will she help him in return by being his friend? Or more? And what'll happen when Harry comes back?


9. Alone

Draco POV


The words in my book keep blurring as tears form in my eyes. I refuse to cry. I won't give her the satisfaction of making me cry for the first time since my mother died.

I blink quickly and try to distract myself again, but the book isn't really cooperating. It keeps going on about some sort of "interesting" person.

Like I care.

I don't even know who it's going on about…


Probably some idiot.

Like me.

Why did I let myself get so attached to her? I knew even before we started being sort of friendly that she'd never be real friends with me.

I look at my book again and flip to a random page, anything's better than reading about whoever I'm reading about now…

Another person… This time even more boring I guess. I take a sip of my drink and feel it burning down my throat. That'll make me forget about her…

I read the headline at the page in the book… Ginerva Malfest.

Even the book keeps reminding me of her. It doesn't matter that she left. I'll find someone else who'll talk with me. There are enough other women in the Harpies other than her.

They even looked like they were interested… Especially that Amy Grave person… Or was it Grapefruit? Whatever she was called it was some sort of fruit or something… Well, she'd probably like to meet me again, maybe talk things over…

I take another gulp of my firewhisky relishing the taste and feeling of it. I throw my book in the global direction of the bookcase, accidentally throwing it against an ancient vase. Oops… Well, I was about to throw it away anyway. It was ugly! Too red, I guess… Made me think about her…


Which I really shouldn't do! She left me!

Angrily I decide I could as well call it a night and go to sleep.

I quickly put on my pyjamas and brush my teeth. When I look in the mirror I wonder why she would've left me. I know I look good, right?
Or have those years on my own made me look as tired and alone as I feel?

Looking at my face I could see the light stubbles at my chin and the bags under my eyes.

I really do look like shit.

My hair sweeping in neglected, greasy locks covering my eyes. I should see a hairdresser. When I sweep the hair out of my face I can see wrinkles setting in already, making my forehead look like the Grand Canyon or something...

And then I look at my eyes, once my best feature, now they look tired, haunted and red brimmed, because I rubbed them too much.

Did she leave me because of how I used to be, or because of how I am right now? I really am a dunce, crying over one stupid girl. She doesn't even deserve to be friends with me! And she was nothing more than a friend.


I deserve better, way better, than her.

I slowly walk into my bedroom and lay down on my king size bed, thinking that I could sleep and forget everything that's happened.


Of course that doesn't happen, but a man can still dream, right?

I close my eyes and try to empty my head, and do all the drills to prevent nightmares. I don't want that happening on top of what already seems to be my worst day ever.

And maybe it helps against the memories of her, which keep on crossing my mind. The way she smells, looks, feels, sounds, tastes, everything. The way she blushes, as enticingly as possible and she isn't even aware of how appealing she looks like that.

Right, I wouldn't think about her.

Maybe I'll make an appointment with that Grapefruit girl, she looked nice enough…

And she's a friend of Ginny, so maybe she'll know why she ran off…


I turn on my other side and once again picture the way she looked as she left me to go "to the bathroom".

The way she smiled sweetly, looking back on it, almost too sweetly, like she was laughing at how stupid I was for believing that she would really like me. Making fun of me and I didn't even notice.

I really acted like a major dunce.

I probably am one, but I'm trying to keep positive. Just as I'm trying not to think about her… Which isn't working...

Maybe if I would just think about her I'll fall asleep earlier and after tonight I will never again think about her.


She's not worth my time.

I can't get the picture of her leaving me out of my head, walking a little too quickly, eager to get away from me, as it seems now.

I turn to my back and try not to go through every memory of her... And failing miserably.


I look at the ceiling, my eyes now accustomed to the dark, and think of how the shadows, formed by the chandelier hanging in the middle of the room, look like her.

Like a silhouette of her, showing all her curves and of course her hair, cascading down her back in long, bright red waves.

Looking at the shadow it's almost like I can feel her eyes boring into mine, mocking me silently with their incredibly blue colour. Her eyes and hair always surprised me, no matter how often I saw her.


I'm beginning to believe that I'm obsessed with her.

She doesn't just look great, she isn't stupid either. She never ceases to surprise me with her comebacks, she isn't Hermione Granger, but I think that would've been very annoying… She'll probably keep on correcting me like Granger used to do in class.

Ginny is a little more normal and actually has a sense of humour.

Which surprised me at first, I never expected a Weasley to have sense, let alone a sense of humour…

Wait, why am I still calling her Ginny in my head?


I hate her! She had the guts to make fun of me and is probably telling the story of the idiotic ferret to all her friends and family, which means tomorrow the whole Wizarding World will know…

She's got a gigantic family! It's unbelievable, every redhead you'll ever see is probably related to the Weasleys one way or the other…

I'm still not dozing of... Actually I'm getting more awake and pissed off every second, and maybe a little sadder too, but that doesn't matter… I'll try to never meet her again in my life, or at least as less as possible, with her being on a Quidditch team I'm funding…

I'm going to ignore her next time we meet and act like nothing happened. Like we never kissed and never befriended.

Like she doesn't mean a thing to me, which she really doesn't.

I turn on my left side, again, and trying to plan my next day, but it all seems pointless. All the meetings, paperwork and dropping finances don't seem to matter anymore.

Why make money if you already have enough of it to live of for the rest of your days, when you don't have anybody to use it with. Why buy horses, bubble baths and huge cars if you won't use them, and can't boast about them to anyone.

It always was boring to just live on my own, but now I'm reminded of what I'm missing. Together we had more laughs than I had in all the years since the war.

And we didn't have any good conversations at all! Almost the only thing we talked about was who kissed who and that it shouldn't happen again… And every time it kept happening.

I'll probably never kiss her again, not that I want to or anything…

I run my hands through my too long hair and stand up to get a book, another one this time. I don't want to read about any Ginerva Malfests tonight. It does sound good though, in a weird way.

I grab a book from the shelve, not caring what kind of book it would be. "The wonderful ways of foxes", hmm… a little too red I think. Her hair looks a little like a fox's fur. I Quickly shake my head, trying to erase the pictures of her crossing my mind.

I give up trying to read after about 3 randomly picked books all reminded me of her. One about weasels, another about Quidditch and the last one about unanswered love.

That last one is just plain boring, my mother made me read it once…

I sit down on my bed again, giving in to the temptation of going over our date once again. Everything seemed to go well, we talked, laughed and kissed, so why did she leave? Maybe the because of the kissing part...


I actually liked the restaurant, which I didn't expect, because it was different from the ones I usually attend…

It was cosy and felt warm, even though it was as cold as ice outside, the waiter was incredibly nice and Ginny looked wonderful.

The blue from her environment making her eyes shine like they held a light inside of them.

I forgot the name of the place, though… A shame really, maybe I should go there to see what it's called. I could take that Grapefruit person there. She'll probably like it, think it's romantic and whatnot.

I quickly dress and wave goodbye to the house elves. They'll probably think I'm crazy, but that's nothing different from the times my father used to rule the manor. I put on a warm coat and walk outside to Apparate to the well known Alley.

I look around seeing the wall I pushed her up against and could almost feel her body against mine again. Feel the heat of her mouth moving against mine in perfect sync.

I quickly shake my head to get rid of the memories, ignoring a painful pang in my chest. She really was a great kisser… Trying not to think about her, I quickly walk to the restaurant.


When we walked together I liked that walk a lot better…

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