An Unexpected Funder

Ginny's Quidditch team doesn't have enough money. Will Draco help, despite his depression? Will she help him in return by being his friend? Or more? And what'll happen when Harry comes back?


6. Alley

Ginny POV

This date couldn't have started worse. Firstly, I was late because I overslept, had to make up an excuse to get out of the house and lost my shoes.

Secondly, when I got to the Leaky Cauldron I couldn't find him anywhere.
Third, when I found him, I ran straight into him, head first.

Fourth, when I looked up into his eyes I couldn't look away, which was very embarrassing.

Luckily it seems as if he didn't notice. I was right though, he is very muscled.
When I ran into him, I couldn't help but feel his hard chest. So I was right about that…
Merlin, I shouldn't have thought that! Now it really will get worse! That's just my luck…

When I arrive at an Apparition point not far from the restaurant I planned to take him, I drop his arm quickly and look him up and down once.
He slowly raises one eyebrow, saying: "Like what you see?"
I roll my eyes, "Good thing you're wearing something resembling Muggle clothes".
It's better not to answer that question, won't improve the already awkward situation…

"You're not really that thick are you?"


"Because we're going to a Muggle restaurant of course!"


"I don't answer one-worded, 3 times repeated questions…"

"Wh-" I punch him softly in the arm and roll my eyes.

"I wasn't going to ask 'why?', he says rubbing his arm.

"Yeah right", I roll my eyes, "sure you weren't."

I walk out of the alley with him following me quickly. But just before I can get out of the alley he yanks me back into it by my arm.

"What was that for!"

"We really need to talk about last night."

"What about it?" Let's just feign innocence and try to act ignorant… probably safest…

"Well, you know, about what happened just before we parted…"

"Oh, you mean about the fact that the restaurant won't be fancy?" Gee, he won't be hinting on the kiss don't you think? He probably hated it as much as I did, and I did hate it!

"No, I want to talk to you about what happened before that…"
"Well, what happened before that?" I ask, while ripping my arm from his hold and looking him dead in the eye.
He drops my arm, as if he hadn't noticed he was still holding it and looks away.

"Well, you know…"

"Apparently I don't, otherwise I wouldn't have said I didn't, right?"

He sighs, looks at my face and quickly looks away, looking uncomfortable. Then he leans back a little and says.

"You know, about the kiss."

Looking even more uncomfortable than before, he walks away from me a couple of paces and starts fumbling with the hem of his shirt. Then he realises what he's doing and starts scratching the back of his neck.

"Oh, right, that happened too last night, right?"

"Ehm, yes it did."

"Well, what about it?"

He blinks rapidly, "Well…"

"Well…?" I ask, closing the distance between us slowly.

"Ehm…" He swallows. Now I'm standing almost as close to him as last night and have to crane my neck to be able to look him in the eyes. Again I'm struck by how good he looks, with his silver eyes and his newly discovered muscled chest. I look at him questioningly.

"That really clears things up you know" I say sarcastically.

He swallows again and says: "I wanted to ask you to not kiss me again, because I don't want to mingle my work with my private life."

I was almost knocked off my feet, so he really didn't like the kiss? So he doesn't want to be with me, I think bitterly. Well, luckily I don't want to be with him right? But why do I feel sad then?
"First, you kissed me, I didn't kiss you and second I totally agree with you, you shouldn't have kissed me."

"You did kiss me, you leaned in first!"

"No, you did, I remember very clearly!"
"No, you kissed me!"
"Did not"
"Did too"
"Did not"
"Did too"
"Did not"

"Let's just drop the subject ok?" He says, scowling.
"So you give up? You did kiss me?"
He sighs, "let's just say we kissed each other, right?"

"Alright then, but still…" At this I suddenly realised how close we were. Our noses almost touching and me looking up to him. A sudden wave of something went through me and suddenly I wanted to kiss him again, just to feel his lips on mine again and feel his broad chest against mine. And all that just because of that look in his eyes. He looked so focused and I could see all sorts of emotions pass over his face. I couldn't look away from those mesmerizing, silver eyes, glistering with some emotion I hadn't seen in them before.

Unconsciously, I slowly lean in and I see his eyes move from my eyes down to my lips. I look at his lips, a little opened like he was inviting me to kiss him. And just as my lips touch his my eyes slowly drift shut.

His lips feel even softer than how I remembered them. And just the thought of kissing the person with the silver eyes, great chest and unbelievable soft lips made me press my lips against his harder.
Finally he seems to get out of his shock as he puts his hands on my head to tilt it even higher and a little angled so he could kiss me better.

Slowly he starts moving his lips and I move mine in sync with his. Very, very slowly and then I put my hands on his chest, just grabbing a part of his shirt in my fists. He slowly moves one of his hands up from my cheek, to my hair and finally just grabs a handful of hair, getting it all tangled up.
When I pull away a little for a much needed breath he does so too and when I open my eyes I see those unbelievingly handsome silver orbs looking back at me.

For a minute we just stand like that, unmoving until I finally realise whose shirt I'm burying my fists in.
I quickly let go of his shirt and push back, out of his reach.
"AU! What the …" Of course my hair just had toget into one big knot around his hand…

"Sorry! Let me just… Alright I think you're freed now…"

I carefully step away from him once again, looking everywhere, but not at him.

"Thanks, we should get to the restaurant."

I quickly walk away from him, turning the corner before he got out of daze and followed me.

"Ginny, Wait!"

Ginny? Since when does he call me Ginny? I don't like it one bit, it sounds weird… Not that it sounds bad or something.. but it's just… I'll think about all this later. Including that kiss… MERLIN! I kissed him again! I can't believe I just did that! I don't even like him, but the way he looked in that half dark alley, I just couldn't help myself. It's probably just because I'm tired, that makes my mind foggy… I must've thought I was kissing Harry! Yes, that should've been it… What shall I tell him? Let's just ignore it…

That worked last time. Sort of… It made us kind of kiss again, but besides that there's no flaw in the plan…

He finally caught up with me, probably doesn't sport a lot… Although his chest felt like he did… DON'T think about his chest…

Panting he says: "Ginny, we really should talk, again."

"About what?"

"About what just happened in the alley"

"What happened in the-"

"Alright", he interrupted me, "We won't talk about it now, let's just think about it and we'll talk the next time we meet."

I nod and start walking again, I can already see the restaurant.
This time he keeps up with me and we walk to the restaurant in silence.
It was a bit of an uncomfortable silence. We were both thinking about what we should do, and about the kiss. He really was a great kisser, such soft lips and …

I just don't like him that way. He's Malfoy and I'll never call him Draco or whatsoever. That sounds nice though… Draco… It sounds very masculine, or is that just because it's him?

He's still a prat though, and his kisses won't change that! No matter how great they are…

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