Living With A Perfect.

She was a nobody, He was a perfect. How will they cope when they find out they must stay together. Especially when the King Of Perfects has a deep dark secret?


3. Οι Τελειοποιεί The Perfects

“So I can’t come to your house today?” Miara’s clear smooth voice rang through Ariel’s ear as they walked down the crowded hallways that were filled with students eager to leave the hell called school. Looking up, Ariel saw the huge prom banner stretched the hallway,
“Fall Glades High, Dark Night Prom” she mumbled her plump pink lips pursing into a thin line. She clutched her books to her chest, feeling the cover of the book crumple against the force. Stopping in front of her locker, her fingers brushed against the cool hard rusting surface as she entered her locker combination.
“No, sorry. My parents want to spend the evening together.” She replied putting her books in her purple and black Rip Curl bag. A red curl fell in front of her eyes, she pushed it behind her ear and bit her lip. It was rare that she would even see her parents in the evening, considering the fact that they were always working late into the night. . .
“May-” Miara was cut off when the people around them started squealing and pointing down the hall. Ariel slammed her old locker closed causing a bit of the paint flakes to fly onto the tile floor. She hit it again with her fist so that the lock would catch. Ariel turned around and leaned against her locker.
“Perfects. . .” she muttered raising an eyebrow as she watched the group of six students walk down the hallway. Ariel strangely felt like she was in a teen chick’s film, where the most popular group of students would walk down the hallway, causing everyone to stop and stare at them in envy and for most of them wanting, lust, love. Ariel shivered, putting her long ivory arms around her waist trying to keep herself warm as she felt the cool rain air brush against her skin. Titling her head to the side, she furrowed her somewhat UN-delicate eyebrows when she saw the dopey ‘I’m In Love, Just Take Me’ look etched on her face like most of the students. She followed Miara’s gaze to the student council president. The King Of Perfects, Alec Mitchell. Ariel’s bottom lip curled, she had heard enough from her parents how accomplished this boy was. Good looking, well mannered, smart and so on and so forth. Ariel’s glasses slipped down her nose, twitching her nose slightly she tugged on Miara’s side ponytail.
“Come on, let’s go!” Ariel said, swinging her backpack over her shoulder. Miara shushed her as the ‘Perfects’ came closer to them.
“Oh bloody spaghetti what is so good about that Alec Mitchell?” she said throwing her arms up accidentally dropping her sketch book, that was like her diary on the floor. She growled slightly, before looking at Miara.
“So what if he can catch a bloody ball with a stick and fling it to the net earning us the national school championship.” She took a deep breath,
“Or that he can organize a blinking community clean up a day after our school dance! He’s a normal human being as we all are. Though he can’t seem to admit it.” she ran her fingers through her hair, her skin slightly warm from the venting she had just finished.
“I’d like to think I flung that ball rather well.” A deep firm voice was heard behind her. Ariel turned around, her hair flying around her. Ariel’s eyes widen when she saw a smiling Alec, his blonde tousled hair shining around him like a halo. Ariel must have been staring since she heard him let out a deep chuckle. He handed her sketch book to her, reaching for it their fingers brushed. She took in a sharp take of breath, his skin felt so cold. Ariel’s eyes flitted up to his and saw a look of surprise, shock and fear dart across his brilliant blue eyes. She quickly took her hand away and looked at Miara. She grabbed her best friend’s hand and darted down the hallway. Walking out into the car park, she felt the cold rain hit against her skin. She shielded her eyes from the rain as they ran through the puddles, flicking the muddy water onto their clothes. Quickly stepping onto the school bus, she settled into a warm seat. Staring out the window, she watched as the rain drops raced each other down to the bottom of the window. Shifting slightly in her seat, she watched as Miara sat in the seat beside her and immediately went on her phone, going on Facebook. Ariel looked down to her sketch book and flexed her long fingers as she traced the edges of her book. She bit her lip and closed her eyes, itching to draw the new face that kept popping up in her head. . .

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