Living With A Perfect.

She was a nobody, He was a perfect. How will they cope when they find out they must stay together. Especially when the King Of Perfects has a deep dark secret?


4. Δείπνο με τον Dinner With Him

Ariel’s lights blinded her as she walked into her bedroom, the walls a light baby blue decorated with her drawings and photos of her friends, family and her. Rubbing her eyes, she let out a wide yawn stretching her arms around her. Letting her hair out of it’s usual side fishtail braid, she let it fall around her like waterfall. Taking her glasses off putting them on her dresser that was clustered with books, pens and pencils. With a hairbrush dangling on the end. Sitting on the end of her bed, she rang her fingers through her hair trying to untangle it. Hearing a purr of cars pull up the driveway. Ariel quickly ran down the stairs, just in time to see her parents walk through the door. Briefcases in hand, their faces looked worn out and tired.
“Ariel what are you doing standing there dripping wet? You’re spoiling the carpet!” her mother’s voice snapped her out of her thoughts, as Ariel’s mother stepped in front of Ariel and started ushering her up the stairs as her father followed them.
“Hello to you too.” She mumbled as they reached the top of the stairs. Turning to her parents, she put her hands behind her back, as her father handed her a Chanel shopping bag.
“We’re going out tonight darling, please wear this. The wife of the people we’re having dinner with designed the dress and asked if you would wear it.” Ariel rose her eyebrow and peeked into the bag as she fumbled around with the red silk ribbon that kept it close. She let out a small squeak,
“Daddy please I cannot wear this! It’s one of those tight dresses!” Ariel protested as she shut the bag close. Looking back up at her father, she bit her lip as she noticed how dull he looked, his usual full of life green eyes were now filled with tiredness and just plain fear.  Ariel titled her head and walked closer to him,
“Daddy?” she asked peering up at him. Her father just shook his head and put a small smile on his lips.
“Please wear it darling, it’ll make your mother a bit happier.” He said kissing her forehead and flicking her nose lightly. Ariel grinned and nodded, she missed these moments. When they felt like an actual functioning family. Now they only times she felt like they were a family was when her father would flick her nose lightly like how he used to do when she was a little girl. . .

“Ariel we are leaving now!” her mother’s voice rang through to Ariel’s bathroom. Ariel stared at herself in the floor length mirror. Picking up her towel, her fingers trailed over the soft damp wool texture. Hanging it up on a towel hanger, she turned around to the bathroom mirror that was stretched along two-thirds of her bathroom wall, smoothing down her outfit . She ran her fingers through her hair trying to figure out a way to put it up.
“Ariel?” her mother called walking up the stairs and into Ariel’s room. Opening the bathroom door, Ariel turned around surprised holding a comb in her hand.
“Mother?” she asked as her mother stepped in front of her and put her hand in Ariel’s.

“Come love, I’ll comb your hair.” She said softly as they walked back into Ariel’s bedroom. Sitting on a chair in front of the mirror, Ariel’s eyes watched her mother through the mirror. Ariel smiled and listened to her mother who was humming softly. Tying her hair into a  beautiful hairstyle   ,Ariel watched as her mother placed her hairbrush in front of Ariel and carefully took a light blue velvet jewelry bag out of her pocket, with her family’s crest on it. Taking out a silver chain with a beautiful jewel pendant dangling on it, Ariel’s mother unclasped the clasp.

“My mother gave this to me when I turned into a woman.” she said brushing Ariel’s hair over her shoulder, she gently slipped the necklace onto Ariel’s neck clasping it. Her mother smiled and kissed her daughter’s head,
“Now, we must go.” Her mother said straightening herself up and walked down the stairs. Getting up, Ariel ran her fingers over the necklace that felt cold against her warm skin. Quickly putting her shoes on, she walked carefully down the stairs as careful not to trip.
“You look beautiful darling.” Her father said as they walked out to the car. Sliding into the backseat she found it difficult to try to stretch her legs since her dress was a bit tight. . .
Pulling up in the front of the newest Indian restraint in town ‘Maya Dhabi’. They got out as her father handed the keys to a valet. Walking past them, Ariel stood behind her parents who started walking towards a family sitting in the private area. Ariel’s eyes traveled around the restaurant noticing how the waiters were all Indian but had perfect English tinted with a Indian accent. Taking in the aroma that wafted the air, Ariel followed them and stopped suddenly when she was face to face with that person,
“Well hello Ariel, it’s finally nice to meet you.” The person said lifting Ariel’s hand planting a soft kiss on it. Their lips felt warm but still sent shivers down Ariel’s spine,
“Alec.” Ariel said a fake smile gracing her lips,
“Yes, it is finally time that we met.” She replied glaring at Alec who shoot her a innocent look,
“Tonight is going to be very fun isn’t it?” Alec murmured in Ariel’s ear as he pulled her chair out for her before settling in his chair across the table from her.

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