Living With A Perfect.

She was a nobody, He was a perfect. How will they cope when they find out they must stay together. Especially when the King Of Perfects has a deep dark secret?


2. Alec Jack Mitchell

Name: Alec Jack Mitchell.

Age: 17 years of age.

Bio: Hello there, I am Alec Mitchell and am the president of the Student Council board, my parents are the other shareholders for the law company, ‘Sherlock and Mitchell’ law firm. I would say I’m social to a certain extent since I do attend my parents work parties. The Sherlocks have a daughter but I’ve never met her before. I think. . . I am also the captain for the Lacrosse team and Debate team. So even though people would think that I have a perfect school life, I don’t have a perfect life overall. As I’ve heard, I have been dubbed the ‘King Of Perfects’ I beg to differ though, we have all done imperfect things so have I. . . You’ll find out soon enough. . .
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