A Sad Love Story

Kim is the daughter of Annabelle, who truly hates her mom's new boyfriend. Annabelle is divorced and dating and has a new man in her life in which she is pregnant with his kid. Read on to see how Kim and Nathan's relationship changed within a blink of an eyes. Also, see what happens when Kim and Louis's on-off relationship goes. When Kim moves in with her dad, she reunites with an old childhood friend. See if Kim and Louis can resist being apart or are they really needed for eachother? And see how Kim reunites with Rick at the end which is supposed to be touchy and sad. I'm sensitive so when I wrote it, it was sad lol, but hope you don't get emotional lol. Thank you.


3. 1.3

Anne: Oh hey Kim, Harry's not in a mood for anyone to talk to him. 

Kim: I know he is and that's why I'm here to apologize. 

Anne: What? What happened? 

Kim: Kinda personal don't you think? 

Anne: I'll go get him. Harry, Kim's here. She said she has an apology to make. 

Harry: Tell her to leave. 

Anne: Ok. He said for you to leave. 

Kim: Please, I just, I really, really need to talk to him. 

Anne: I believe I can't... 

Kim: I'm sorry. *barges in* Harry! *walks up the stairs* Harry! *opens the door*  

Harry: What do you want? 

Kim: Were you crying? 

Harry: No I wasn't. 

Kim: *upset* Oh my gosh, Harry, I'm so sorry. *tries to hug harry* 

Harry: *pushes kim away* Don't, leave me alone. 

Kim: Harry, I didn't know. 

Harry: Didn't know what? That you were into Zayn! 

Kim: Harry, it was unexpected. That, that kiss came out of nowhere. What was I supposed to do? Slap him? Yell at him more? I can't because he's a great friend of mine and I can't lose him. 

Harry: Exactly, because you know you love him. 

Kim: I don't love him Harry. 

Harry: If you didn't then why didn't you leave him and come after me. 

Kim: Because I didn't want any more dramas. 

Harry: No, it's because you love him Kim. 

Kim: *silent* 

Harry: Now if you can, can you please leave my house and not ever come back here. 

Kim: *walks off hurt* 

Liam: Kim. 

Kim: Oh hey Liam. 

Liam: How are you? I haven't talked to you in two days. 

Kim: Yeah, I know, it's been a crazy week so far. 

Liam: What's up? 

Kim: Not getting along with my mom or her boyfriend again. And not just that, but the new baby in the house too. 

Liam: You didn't tell me your mom had her baby. 

Kim: I know and I'm sorry, just Liam, I been stress. 

Liam: You know I'm here for you when you need a friend to talk to. 

Kim: It's just too much drama for me, now I got Harry and Zayn dragged in. 

Liam: Well, I'm here, so talk. 

Kim: Thank you Liam, I... 

Zayn: Liam, can you. 

Liam: *confused* I'm sorry? 

Zayn: Can I talk to Kim alone. 

Kim: *looks at liam* 

Liam: Oh ok? I'll see you around then Kim. *hugs kim and leaves* 

Kim: That was rude of you. 

Zayn: What? 

Kim: Tell him to leave, he was here first. 

Zayn: Well, I want to talk to you. 

Kim: About what? What's there to talk about?  

Zayn: Why have you been ignoring my calls and text? 

Kim: You know what's going on in my life Zayn! I just apologized to Harry a few days ago and he still isn't talking to me. Do you think everything is ok? Because I can tell you, it's not. 

Zayn: Kim, I'm sorry you are going through this stuff. 

Kim: You're sorry? You're the other reason why it's like this. 

Zayn: The reason? What because I kissed you! 

Kim: Let's not go there again. 

Zayn: *silent* 

Kim: Please. 

Zayn: Ok fine, but can you just listen to me. 

Kim: I'm listening. 

Zayn: *silent* Kim, I really do love you. My heart still beats for you still today, I know you don't wanna hear or want anything to do with me, but it's all true. 

Kim: I can't love you, you know that. 

Zayn: *grabs kims hand* I won't let anything hurt you Kim. *silent* Kim, I waited five years for you and I still am. You will never find another man like me that will wait five years. 

Kim: *touched* 

Zayn: I love you Kim, I love you. I love you so much that it hurts me each night not knowing when I'll ever be yours or that if you'll ever be mine. 

Kim: Zayn, I love you too, but not like that.  

Zayn: *looks into kims eyes* 

Kim: I don't want to hurt you. 

Zayn: *lets go of kims hand* 

Kim: I'm sorry Zayn. 

Zayn: *turns around* 

Kim: Zayn, no. 

Zayn: I see how it is. *slowly walks off* 

Kim: Wait Zayn! Don't leave, kiss me. 

Zayn: *turns and looks at kim* 

Kim: Kiss me Zayn, I'm asking you to kiss me. 

Zayn: *walks up to kim and kisses her* 

Harry: *sees zayn kissing kim and walks off* 

Liam: Harry. 

Harry: Not now Liam. 

Liam: I know what you saw. 

Harry: What?! 

Liam: You saw them together. 

Harry: What does that have to do with me? 

Liam: What does it have to do with you? Harry, you love Kim as much as she loves you. You're in love with her. You're both in love with eachother.  

Harry: I'm not in love with Kim, that's Louis's ex. 

Liam: Harry, don't lie. 

Harry: I never was in love with her. *silent* Not until I realized how close we were getting, Liam, I love her more than anything right now.  

Liam: So you finally admit it huh. 

Harry: I waited too long Liam. 

Liam: Tell me about "that kiss". 

Harry: That first kiss on the couch meant a lot to me, it was romantic. 

Liam: You do know that she still loves Louis too right. 

Harry: I don't care anymore. 

Liam: And you do know that Louis still loves her. 

Harry: Yeah that's why he cheated on her. I would never do that to Kim. 

Liam: Well right now it seems like she's confused with you, Zayn, and Louis. 

Niall: So how about you guys give her some space and time to think. 

Liam: Yeah, what Niall said. *looks at niall then harry* Where'd you come from?  

Niall: Class. 

Harry: And she'll choose me at the end. *walks off* 

Liam: *looks at niall* 

Niall: Is our friendship really coming to an end? 

Liam: I hope not, I really don't want to go my own way. 

Niall: You're not Liam. 

Kim: Oh? You're here, where's my mom? 

Nathan: *crying* 

Kim: What's wrong, why are you crying? 

Nathan: *crying silently* 

Kim: Nathan! Don't ignore me when I'm asking you a question! 

Nathan: *pulls himself together* Your mother died in a car crash Kim. 

Kim: *heartbroken* What? No, no she didn't. I was just talking to her before I left for school Nathan! 

Nathan: I got a call from the hospital; they said your mother had gotten into a horrible car crash. 

Kim: *holds in her tears* I, I don't believe you. 

Nathan: Why would I lie about your mother's death to you Kim? 

Kim: *concerned* Did you kill her? 

Nathan: I would never kill your mother, I love her. 

Kim: *runs off* 

Assistant 1: Hi, can I help you? 

Kim: Yeah, is there a patient here by the name of Annabelle Anderson or Annabelle Johnson. 

Assistant 1: You know, there was a patient here name Annabelle Anderson.  

Kim: There was? Do you know where she is now? 

Assistant 1: I can lead you to see Dr. Kabe, he can tell you. Who are you? 

Kim: I'm her daughter Kim; she just had a son like last week here. 

Assistant 1: I'm gonna call someone to take you to Dr. Kabe, if you can please wait. 

Kim: Ok. 

Dr. Kabe: Kim?  

Kim: Dr. Kabe? 

Dr. Kabe: Right this way please. 

Kim: *follows dr. kabe* 

Dr. Kabe: You wanted to talk about Annabelle Anderson correct? 

Kim: Yes, my mother, is she here? 

Dr. Kabe: She's here yes, but, Kim did you not know? 

Kim: My mother's boyfriend Nathan told me got into a horrible car accident, I just want to know if it's true. 

Dr. Kabe: Yes, Nathan I remember, I just talked with him about an hour ago. 

Kim: So she really did pass? *holds in her tears* 

Dr. Kabe: I hate to say it, but sadly yes she did. 

Kim: Is it too much to ask if... 

Dr. Kabe: I believe I can't. 

Kim: Please, Dr. Kabe. I want to see my mother one last time. 

Dr. Kabe: I'm sorry. 

Kim: *starts to cry*  

Dr. Kabe: *sighs* Come with me. 

Kim: *looks around in the basement* 

Dr. Kabe: *pulls out the body* 

Kim: *drops to her knees and really cries* 

Dr. Kabe: *pushes the body back* 

Kim: Mom! *crying* 

Dr. Kabe: I'm sorry Kim, let's go now. 

Kim: *runs out of the hospital* 

Zayn: *rings the doorbell* 

Nathan: Oh, hello Zayn. 

Zayn: Is Kim home? 

Nathan: Now's not the right time to see her. 

Zayn: I don't care what you say. She wasn't at school today, why? 

Nathan: She's in mourning. 

Zayn: What? Who died? 

Nathan: *silent* 

Zayn: Rick? 

Nathan: *cries* 

Zayn: No, I'm so sorry Nathan. 

Nathan: *hugs zayn* Annabelle. 

Zayn: *gasp* What? How? 

Nathan: She got into a horrible car crash. 

Zayn: Nathan, I'm so, I need to see Kim. 

Nathan: *let's zayn in the house* 

Zayn: Kim?! *runs upstairs* 

Kim: *crying on her bed* 

Zayn: Kim? *knocks on the door* 

Kim: *crying* 

Zayn: *opens the door* Kim? 

Kim: Zayn. 

Zayn: *sits on the bed* Kim, I'm sorry about your mom. 

Kim: *really cries* 

Zayn: I'm really sorry. 

Kim: *sits up and hugs zayn* My mom's gone Zayn. She really is gone. 

Zayn: I'm so, so sorry about your mom Kim. 

Kim: Louis, where's Louis. 

Zayn: What? 

Kim: Louis, where is he? 

Zayn: Kim, you know where he is. 

Kim: *drops back to her pillow* 

Zayn: *uncomfortable* I'm gonna let you have some time alone. I'll come back another time. *leaves* 

Nathan: Are you leaving already? 

Zayn: *looks and sees Nathan holding rick* Hey Rick. *smiles sad* 

Nathan: Are you leaving? 

Zayn: Yeah, I'm gonna go, just please call me if you need anything or if Kim isn't being herself. 

Nathan: Yes, I will. 

Zayn: I'm really sorry about Annabelle. 

Nathan: I'll be ok. 

Zayn: *nods and leaves* 

Louis: Eleanor, I think we need to break up for real this time. 

Eleanor: Yeah, we do. 

Louis: Why are you agreeing so quick? 

Eleanor: I'm seeing someone else. 

Louis: What? 

Eleanor: What's your reason? 

Louis: You know my reason and who are you seeing? 

Eleanor: Someone, so on three, it's farewell. One, two, three. *walks off* 

Louis: Just like that huh! 

Eleanor: *ignores Louis* 

Zayn: Hey. 

Louis: Zayn, what are you doing? The others are gonna see you talking to me and they might just kick you out. 

Zayn: Can I talk to you? 

Niall: Hey Harry. 

Harry: Hey guys? 

Niall: Did you hear? 

Harry: Hear what? 

Zayn: Kim's mom passed away. 

Harry: What?  

Louis: How? When? 

Zayn: Tuesday, she got into a car accident. 

Louis: Wow that is heartbreaking. 

Zayn: Kim's been asking for you. 

Louis: Really? 

Zayn: Yeah, I think you should go and see her. I'm sure she's forgiven you by now. 

Louis: I saw you kissing her a few days ago. 

Zayn: Yeah, about that, it didn't go as plan. She's not interest in me. 

Louis: I don't get it. 

Zayn: It's a long story, but it's all over. 

Louis: Yeah, it better be because I plan on getting back with her before prom next week. 

Zayn: Kim lost her mom, she wants your company. 

Louis: What?! *runs off* 

Harry: *bangs on the door* 

Nathan: *opens the door* Harry. 

Harry: I need to see Kim. 

Nathan: She's not feeling up for any visitors. 

Harry: Please. 

Nathan: I'm sorry Harry, as much as I hate to say it, but she doesn't want any visitors. 

Louis: *runs to the door* Where is Kim? 

Nathan: I can't let you guys in. 

Louis: I need to see her, she's been asking for me. 

Nathan: She has Louis, but I'm not gonna let you in. 

Louis: *mad* Just let me in the house! 

Nathan: *closes the door and locks it* 

Louis: *rings the doorbell and bangs on the door crazy* 

Harry: He's not gonna let you in. 

Louis: He's gonna have to because I'm the one Kim wants to see. 

Harry: She's not interest in you anymore Louis. 

Louis: And she's not interest in you either Harry, neither is she interest in Zayn. 

Harry: What? 

Louis: Yeah, Zayn and I had a talk. 

Harry: So that's why you're here? Louis, you cheated on her. You been separated from her for about three months. What makes you want to be in her life again? 

Louis: Harry, not now please. *bangs on the door again* 

Harry: I have a lot of respect for this house right now, I'm not gonna argue with you here anymore. I'm gonna leave. *walks off* 

Louis: *silent* 

Nathan: *opens the door* Are you done here too? 

Louis: Just tell her I came by. *leaves* 

Liam: Louis? I didn't expect to see you here. 

Louis: Yeah, Zayn and I made up. 

Liam: That is wonderful. Have you heard? 

Louis: Yeah, I did. I went over, but was blocked out along with Harry. 

Liam: Harry? 

Louis: Yeah, we had an argument, but ended it quick. 

Liam: About what? 

Louis: On whom Kim loves and is interest in. 

Zayn: Kim's not interest in anyone, but you Louis. 

Louis: I still love her guys, the moment I got with Eleanor, things changed. She wasn't what I expect her to be. 

Liam: Yeah, I heard she broked up with you. 

Louis: No, I did, but she agreed in a heartbeat and left on three. 

Zayn: Left on three?  

Niall: Hey guys, oh hey Louis. 

Louis: Don't ask, we just got off that subject. 

Niall: Ok? *silent* 

Louis: *smiles* Aww, Niall! I missed you! *hugs niall* 

Niall: *chuckles confuse* I missed you too Louis. 

Louis: So how are you? 

Niall: I been great, just trying to put this group back together. 

Louis: Back together? 

Niall: *looks at liam* 

Liam: Yeah. 

Louis: Why? What's going on? 

Liam: Louis, after you left things got out of hand. Kim and Harry shared a kiss, Zayn and Kim kissed, made Harry upset and now Harry and Zayn aren't talking. And as for Kim, she's not talking to any of us much anymore. 

Niall: But we are glad to have you back in the group. *quickly smiles* 

Louis: Thank you, thank you guys so much, but I am so sorry that things went that way for you guys. But kissing my girl, I mean ex-girlfriend. Wow. 

Harry: Hey guys. 

Liam: Harry. 

Harry: Look, I'm really sorry I tried to steal Kim from you. 

Louis: What? No, we were already broken up. 

Harry: No, but she loves you and you love her, I can't change her mind. I tried it all, but it didn't work. 

Louis: Harry, it's ok, really. *fakes a chuckle* 

Harry: No, it's not and Zayn, I'm sorry I let a girl get in the middle of our friendship. Our friendship was a hell of a good one and I messed up by leaving and ignoring you. Not just you, but Liam and Niall too. I'm really sorry guys. 

Zayn: *smiles* It's ok, I'm just glad you are here with us again. *goes and hugs harry*  

Liam: *hugs zayn and harry* Aww. 

Niall: *guys the guys* 

Louis: *jumps on them* Aww, group hugs, I love them!  

Liam: I'm glad to have the group back guys. 

Niall: See, I told you we weren't gonna break up. 

Liam: Yeah, you did. *laughs* 

Louis: You guys want to go see Kim afterschool? 

Niall: I'm up for it. 

Louis: Anyone else? 

Zayn: Yeah me. 

Liam: I'm in. 

Harry: Yeah, count me in too. 

Louis: Alright, let's go. I'll drive. 

Zayn: We'll surprise her and then you can come out. 

Louis: Alright.

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