A Big Daddy

(A work in progress. I am first throwing down the skeleton of the story then going through it again to flesh it out so what you see so far is unedited!)

Post WWII Germany. A former soldier of the Third Reich lives in the gutters with the shame of defeat. He overhears people speaking of a place called Rapture. A place free of the worlds restrictions. He decides to leave his homeland in search of a better life in Rapture.


1. -Rapture-


                Rapture. When I first heard of it I didn't know what to think. I heard it was a place where anyone who felt captive to the world could escape the miserable world we lived in. The war that had shamed the fatherland was over, but the atrocities that were committed were not forgotten. I couldn't stand to live there anymore, in the filth and shame. Being a soldier of the Riech I had plenty of hate from all in the suffering country. To be a soldier of the country was once an honorable thing. After the war had ended, it was nothing but a curse.  No one would associate with those who fought for the wrong side. I was living on the streets, eating out of the trash, begging for a handout. This was the life for the soldiers of Germany, the thanks we got for dying for our country. Their unjust stares burn into me as I pass by. Rapture sounded like just the place for me, a fresh start.

                I had heard of the Olympian, a cruiser which would take people to Rapture. I had to get on that ship if it was the last thing I would do. The only problem was, I didn't have that special invitation to get aboard it. I listened in on many conversations in hopes to find someone who had a ticket. Surprisingly it did not take long. A short, chunky fellow with a rugged beard, who seemed well off waved it around in a pub, hoping to impress the women who avoided him like the plague. As he stumbled out of the pub I kept my distance till we were far away from the pub. I gripped my empty glass bottle and moved in. He must have heard me coming because he turned as I brought down the glass bottle and shattered it on his face. He flung backward onto the pavement. I wasted o time as I searched his pockets and found the ticket. I took his clothes as well as I had to at least look presentable if I was to board a ship as grand as it was. I was sure he would be fine. At least I hoped he was.

Three days later I was in line to board the ship on its way to Rapture. It was very luxurious and the people there looked like they were of high class. I bet I stuck out like a sore thumb. But with the invitation in hand no one could say a word. A lot of excited chatter floated among the crowd.  I heard the head honcho of the place was some guy named Ryan. Andrew Ryan. Boarding the ship you would have never thought you were boarding a ship. It was like a mansion. It size seemed to be hidden when viewing from the outside. We were ushered into a room with a huge monitor on the wall. A video started to play of Ryan and his history. How he left Moscow and went to the United States, his hardships and the like. I was quite bored to be honest but none the less I was on my way to Rapture.

                We arrived at what seemed to be a lighthouse in the middle of nowhere. I was terribly confused when they told all of us to exit the ship.  Where was the city? I asked myself. What was the purpose of stopping here? As we all entered the lighthouse I was surprised at how nice it looked inside. A grand sculptor of Ryan’s head hung above a huge red banner. It was the first thing that draws your eyes as you enter. It read “No Gods or Kings. Only Man.”  We were all shuffled to the stairs that lead down into the lighthouse. We then reached a room with a sphere like object that was in water. It opened up much to everyone’s surprise. We looked inside and it had a man in a nice tuxedo holding a lever with some seats on the sides. An official from the Olympian ordered us to get into a line. I was the third. They had the first four people enter the thing they called a Bathysphere. The door closed behind us as the man pulled the lever.  Suddenly the sphere dropped into the water being completely submerged. One of the women shrieked as we went under. “What is going on?” She stuttered trying to form words with her quivering lips. The man in the tuxedo said that it was fine, that we were completely safe, that we were on our way to Rapture.  I was so lost in all of this. Where was Rapture? A small blind went over the window and began to display a movie.  “From the desk of Andrew Ryan” it was titled. It spoke of what people are entitled to and how the surface took it away for unjust reasons. How he decided to create a city were those who worked for themselves could keep all of its benefits. It was quite a small speech that excited me as he spoke on. The movie finished and the blind slide up, and I couldn't believe my eyes. It was impossible. An entire city at the bottom of the ocean! Glowing lights of advertisements for food, entertainment, and something called “plasmids” where all over the city. It was a spectacular sight to behold. The city looked so vibrant and alive. The fish swam between the buildings like birds in the sky.  I had made it!

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