A Big Daddy

(A work in progress. I am first throwing down the skeleton of the story then going through it again to flesh it out so what you see so far is unedited!)

Post WWII Germany. A former soldier of the Third Reich lives in the gutters with the shame of defeat. He overhears people speaking of a place called Rapture. A place free of the worlds restrictions. He decides to leave his homeland in search of a better life in Rapture.


4. -Persephone-

                I don’t know how long I have been here. Maybe it has been a week, two? I can’t tell. Ever since I was abducted from the street and thrown into a prison cell in Persephone I have lost all sense of time. Trying to tell the guard there was a mistake was a futile attempt. All he did was pass by to toss food into my cell and leave. It looked like I was stuck here. I looked out of the porthole of my cell.

“At least the view is still nice.” I mumbled to myself.

               Waking up in a cell is really unnerving, even more so when it’s a cell at the bottom of the ocean. I was in a cell that was tucked in a corner that seemed out of sight. It was like they did not want to recognize my existence. I spent all day in my cell; they haven’t even let me bathe! I looked out of my cell and down at the center of the cell room. Guards wandered aimlessly paying no attention the prisoners around them.  I normally sit near the edge of my cell to catch conversations they have. Most of the time it was either of women, hatred for their job, and even bets on prisoners. Occasionally though they would talk about the situation outside of Persephone. It seems a few days after my abduction; Fontaine went out “guns a blazing” while Ryan’s forces came down on his smuggling ring. The fighting had stopped for the time being, though the damage from the fighting remained.

“Alright guys its lights out, keep it shut and go to sleep.” Yelled one of the guards.

               The lights of the facility went out and the darkness took over. I lay in my bed stared at the metal ceiling. I sighed and brought my palms to the front of my face. The glow was long gone. It hurt when I first got injected with the plasmid during that fight with the Big Daddy, but after it all calmed down, it felt good. It was like being engulfed in warm water. I want to feel that again. I clenched my hands into fists.

“Is this how those splicers became addicted…?” I whispered to myself. A sudden banging on the cell wall next to my bed snapped me from my thoughts.

“Hey man, you have a light?” I heard the man whisper from his cell. I stayed quiet hoping he would give up. He continued to bang on the wall. “You awake? Wake up!“  I was getting annoyed as he continued to bang on the wall.

“How could I? Have you seen me leave this fucking cell since I got here?” I replied angrily.

“Quiet down, you want the guards to come over here and beat our asses?” He quickly replied.

“Sorry, no, I don’t have a lighter.” I said agitated.  Silence filled the air once again. It didn't last very long.

“Didn't mean to piss ya off man. Just been itching for a smoke but haven’t had a lighter to light them. Name’s Johnny by the way. Johnny Phelps. “

                 He spoke like a brit. Not that I have a problem with that since the war has been over for a while. I put aside my thoughts. “My name is Sven Heinrich. Why are you speaking to me now? I have been here for weeks now.” I asked.

“Well Sven, I just got here yesterday.”

                 *Kshhhhh* “Calm down god damn it!” What the hell? I rubbed my eyes and sat up in my bed. “What the hell was that?” I groaned.

“Our morning’s entertainment. You’re up just in time to watch.” Johnny chirped excitedly.

                  Standing up from my bed I peered through the cell bars down into the lunch area. A red headed man with a beard down to his chest was flailing his arms around like a mad man. His face was shadowed by his hair. Guards were trying to grab at him, but as soon as they got close he would dart away.

“What is wrong with him?” I asked Johnny. “Not a clue. Probably another plasmid junkie wishing for a fix.”

                  I felt sympathy for the man. I only had used a plasmid once, and I already had a small tingling in my arms to use it again. How much worse he must be. I thought to myself. Eventually they were able to corner the man and cuff him. They began to drag him out of the room when he flung his head back and started screaming. His left eyeball was a mess of green and black mush, like it was rotting. He had no teeth either and inflamed gums. His face sent a chill down my spine.

                  I sat in my cell looking to the porthole. I have forgotten the warmth of the sun.

“Hey Sven. How did you end up in this place?” Johnny asked with a carefree tone. The way he spoke makes me wonder how old he is.

“Well I am not really sure myself. I used to live in Pauper’s Drop-,”

“Oh, the pissing pot of Rapture?” He interrupted. “Well I would rather not think of it that way but yes. It was quite poor there.”  

"I bet.” He added.

                 I told him about how I arrived in Rapture and how I worked at the Fishbowl Diner. How Barry closed up shop, and how things got worse each day there. Also I mentioned the Big Daddy and my abduction.

“Next time I woke up, I was here.”

“Well it sounds like your luck’s in the shitter my friend.” He laughed.

“Yeah, thanks. So what’s your story?” I questioned.

“My story? Well it is no tale worth mentioning. But if you must know, I was what you would call your high class bitch. A towel man.” He said towel man hesitantly.

“A towel man? Don’t you mean towel boy?” I chuckled.

“Hey! It beats being a dirty chef! Anyways I got to hang around the higher part of society here. I would have happily wiped their pristine little white asses for them if it meant staying out of the slums of Rapture.” He replied roughly. “Anyways I got caught trying to pickpocket a gold watch from one of the men using the bathroom. Not a glorious story but it is what it is.”

                   He is a rugged man. But I like him. He is the most lively person I have come across in Rapture. That’s pretty funny that I would meet him in prison. We would have conversations like this every day, and he would always keep me occupied with dumb things like how he wished he could burn the warden’s mustache off with incinerate. Inside the prison, it seemed life was better than anything Pauper’s Drop could offer.

                  News from the outside seemed to only get worse every time we heard about it. A man named Atlas was leading a revolution. The poor classes rallied behind this man to fight the oppressive higher class which Ryan supported. There had even been a huge conflict at the Kashmir Restaurant, a place located within a section of High society. Atlas and his supporters stormed the restaurant in hopes to wipe out Ryan’s supporters. As conditions worsened outside, so did the life in the detention facility. Breakfast lunch and dinner became bread and water, power was being conserved, so we were in darkness more than usual. Johnny called it karma. That Ryan was getting his “just desserts”.

                  What felt like months went by, and before either of us knew it, we over heard the guards talking about Rapture’s new year Masquerade. It was actually the first time I regained my sense of time.  I had been in prison for roughly 3 months. 

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