A Big Daddy

(A work in progress. I am first throwing down the skeleton of the story then going through it again to flesh it out so what you see so far is unedited!)

Post WWII Germany. A former soldier of the Third Reich lives in the gutters with the shame of defeat. He overhears people speaking of a place called Rapture. A place free of the worlds restrictions. He decides to leave his homeland in search of a better life in Rapture.


2. -Nightmare-



               The underwater city was amazing. Its sheer size was something to behold. How Ryan did this I have no idea, but it was more than I could have ever imagined. There were huge ballrooms where they would hold parties for the wealthy, plenty of diners and stores with wares I have never seen on the surface, and even an amusement park! A place called Arcadia had tree life, plants and bushes, so much plant life surviving under the ocean! This was a paradise away from the hellish world above. My dream to escape my terrible reality had come true.

               I knew if I was to make it down here I had to find a job to sustain myself. I had found a job as a chef at the Fishbowl Diner located in a place called Pauper’s Drop. Not the best job but it gave me an income to start at. The owner, Barry Mcneal, was a great man who let me work there without question.  I didn't really have a home but Barry allowed me to bunk with him if I took a dock in pay. “Down here in the crapper of Rapture we outta stick together.” He said. Not much choice since I arrived there homeless. It was not as fancy as Olympus Heights where all the high class people lived but it was a start.

               It was strange my first month in Rapture. The sun never shined deep down into the ocean. So I felt confused waking up to no sun through the window. Not that it mattered. I always got to see fish or even a shark or two swim by. An average day would be waking up, going to the diner, getting off my shift, and waltzing around Pauper’s Drop. I frequented the Limbo Room as it was one of the few entertainment areas there. People would play music and sing. It was nice, at least for a while. As the days went by the people that would come into the diner grew more agitated, weary and aggressive. Needless to say there were problems in Paupers Drop that were being ignored by Ryan and his round circle. There were barely any supplies coming to us and people were slowly beginning to starve.  Leaks, which scared me because being underwater, a leak could mean the end of all of us if it burst open. Worst of it all though, was those who were hooked on some stuff called adam.

               At first you wouldn't be able to tell them from anyone else. Then the adam would begin to deform them after repeated use of it. They became grotesque, faces bulging with tumors, legs bending in the opposite direction. Teeth and hair falling out, it was easy to spot them among the crowd. We took to calling them splicers. It was usually people who worked with plasmids a lot. The fact that such things existed blew my mind. People shooting electricity from their hands? Fire from their fingertips? It was crazy but it existed here. The adam that was in it deteriorated their minds and made them more aggressive than most to obtain more. It was like regular drugs on the surface… Except way more dangerous. There were always stories of people getting shocked to death or set aflame just to obtain the adam they were carrying.  All of these things caused people here to grow angry with Ryan. Years passed without an answer to these problems as they became progressively worse.                    

               Soon Ryan’s conflict had found its place in Pauper’s Drop. Our problems aside, Ryan had his hands full with another hotshot called Fontaine. Little news reached Pauper’s Drop, so I had no idea what started all of it. I think I heard someone say it involved smuggling things in from the surface, but wasn’t sure if that was true. The fighting found itself to our section of the city. Those of us who were sane hid where we could till it all blew over. Parts of Rapture were being devastated during the fighting and bodies littered the streets. Fontaine made an army of these splicers, which destroyed everything in their wake.  I was back to where I was before I arrived here three years ago. Living in the streets scraping up food.  I had already been through the hell of WWII. I could not believe such horrors would follow me to the depths of the sea.

               Fontaine fueled this war with the array of plasmids his business was developing. This war raged on for a while. Gun shots and the smell of smoke became the staples of living in Pauper’s Drop. I was walking with Barry one day to the diner to help him board up the windows that were shattered from a previous battle between Fontaines splicers and Ryans security.  Barry was closing up shop since he could no longer keep it maintained with all the fighting. As we made our way to the Fishbowl Diner, I noticed out of the corner of my eye a small child, stabbing a corpse on the ground. I was mortified by what I was seeing and asked Barry if he knew what it was. He said he heard it was a Little Sister. They gathered adam for Ryan as they moved about the city.  I saw them frequently in our streets stabbing dead bodies with their syringes. A child with devious glowing eyes. It was inhuman.  They were accompanied by these huge beasts called Big Daddies. They wore diving suits and were armed with a huge drill. There was always blood stains on their suits. Splicers that were desperate for adam always challenged them and lost.  I could always hear the howling of them in the tunnels of Pauper’s Drop. It was hard for me to sleep.  In fact I don’t think anyone ever really slept there anymore. The streets would clear when you heard the patter of small feet coming; followed by heavy footsteps that shook the ground we stood on. Small skirmishes, Big Daddy’s roaming through were common things to us few sane people left there. A nightmare worse than hell had become real.

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