A Big Daddy

(A work in progress. I am first throwing down the skeleton of the story then going through it again to flesh it out so what you see so far is unedited!)

Post WWII Germany. A former soldier of the Third Reich lives in the gutters with the shame of defeat. He overhears people speaking of a place called Rapture. A place free of the worlds restrictions. He decides to leave his homeland in search of a better life in Rapture.


3. -Encounter-


                I was so tired and alone. I was always occupied with thoughts of Germany. I wondered if it was any better than in Rapture. If only I could return there I thought to myself. I looked around and saw another one of those little sisters jabbing a body. As I stared at the body I noticed it was Barry! I felt rage boil inside me. She just continued to stab him in the chest. While she did it she hummed a playful tune! I stood up and slowly made my way to her as all my frustration built up inside started to make its way out. When I grabbed her shoulder and jerked her back she screamed a piercing scream that caused me to step backward in surprise. The sudden reaction caused me to let go of her as I heard a load moan bounce all over the plaza. Everyone ran into hiding. The Little Sister scuffled a few feet away from me as I turned to the direction of the whale like call. A Big Daddy with a round diving helmet made its way angrily towards me. 

               The portholes on its helmet glowed as its drill started spinning. I was so scared. I felt urine run down my legs.  My legs gave way under me as the Daddy thrust its drill at me. I fell underneath the beasts attack as I fell on top of Barry’s body. Something stabbed into my back as I fell on top of him.  It felt as if my veins were on set on fire. My heart began to race and sweat rolled down my back. I pulled my hands to my face and noticed my hands were glowing bright red and were blistering. The Big Daddy looked down on me as it revved up its drill again. I couldn’t find my voice to scream in terror as it thrust its drill straight for my chest. I stretched my arms in front of me in a desperate attempt to stop the drill from shredding me to pieces. As I strained my arms to push the incoming drill flames burst out from the Big Daddy.

               It roared in agony as the fire engulfed its arms and head. It stumbled backwards waving its drill in the air. The little sister was screaming as her Big Daddy fell onto its knees, flames dissipating.  I seized the moment and crawled as fast as I could under other dead bodies nearby trying to blend in. The enraged Daddy got back up and moaned furiously while looking around. I just watched from under the dead bodies, hoping that they would not notice me. It paced around with its drill spinning for a while before the red glow of the portholes went yellow. The Little Sister urged “Mr.Bubbles” to keep up with her as she walked away with caution. The heavy footsteps of the Daddy followed her. I did not move for hours. I was so terrified. Even after all the people began to come out again I just froze in place. I peered to my friend’s body and saw what had pierced my back. It looked like an injector that was used for plasmids. I then realized I had sparked flames with my hands and crouched over to look at my hands. They still glowed violently red. I was scared yet amazed at what plasmids could do with the human gene.

               I couldn’t sleep easy that night. I was too afraid I would wake up to a Big Daddy’s boot on my chest. Not only that, but my hands would not stop glowing. I had never used a plasmid before and had no idea how to turn it off. I didn’t want to set myself on fire while sleeping. I just gazed at the burn marks on the floor where the Daddy had kneeled. I was able to harm a monster like that by accident… What if I had used it with the intention to kill? My thoughts flurried in my head when I heard scuffling from my left. I turned to see what it was only to meet a fist to my face. The world spun around me as I slouched over from both the impact and pain from the punch.  The world went dark around me and grew silent. 

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