A Big Daddy

(A work in progress. I am first throwing down the skeleton of the story then going through it again to flesh it out so what you see so far is unedited!)

Post WWII Germany. A former soldier of the Third Reich lives in the gutters with the shame of defeat. He overhears people speaking of a place called Rapture. A place free of the worlds restrictions. He decides to leave his homeland in search of a better life in Rapture.


6. -Conditioning-

            “Hey, over here. He’s in one piece and still breathing.” Voices.

“Would he qualify?” Voices echoing around me.

“Ryan doesn't care at this point. Help me pick him up.” I open my eyes to see the floor passing below me. My feet are dragging on the ground. I try to raise my head but my neck’s too weak to lift my head. My stomach is twisting inside of me. My stomach convulsed violently.

“What the hell? What’s wrong with him?” As they let go of my arms my head slammed into the ground. I sprayed vomit across the floor. The room was getting darker.

“He is fine. Pick him back up.”

               Where is Johnny? Who are these people? Thoughts ran through my head as I was dragged over debris and bodies. I fell in and out of consciousness, fighting to stay aware of my surroundings. After walking for a while, and going down what seemed to be an elevator. I was suddenly thrown against a chair that resembled a dentist’s chair. The jolt from landing in the chair brought me out of my haze. My chest heaved as I took drags of the damp air. I looked around the room. There were surgical tools on a table, another chair that looked as if it were for a child, and other nameless tools. I saw them restraining my hands to the arms of the chair. In a panic I began to pull my arms away from the restraints.

“Stop it! Let me the fuck go!” I screamed out at my captors. It was two men, dressed in dirtied scientist gowns. As the one held down my arms the other swung a fist at my face, barely missing my cheek as I threw my head back against the head rest. I looked back down at my hands as the last buckles were tightened.

“What do you want with me? What is going on?” I sputtered out words in a panicked frenzy.

“Administer the anesthesia.” Said one of the men ignoring my questions. The other was positioning the bag on a pole and readying the needle.

“No! No, no please! What are you going to do to me? Please stop this!” I flailed my body in the chair in hopes to break free. One of them held my arm steady as the other inserted the needle into my vein. The dimly lit room became very blurry. I felt tired. I tried to focus but slowly fell into a deep sleep.

               “Sven quit dosing off,” I opened my eyes to see Eckart, an old time war friend, sitting across from me on a box, cards in hand,” do you call, or check?” Eckart was a big fellow, with a shaved head, blue eyes, and a square face. He always was laid back, which countered his usually serious face. He took a drag of his cigarette as he looked at me.

“Hey Sven! Wake up!” He yelled as he reached over and patted me on the shoulder.

“Eckart…” I whispered.  

               Emotions swelled up inside me. Of anyone in the world, Eckart was the only man I could call my brother, my family. I dropped the cards in my hands to bring my hands to my face. Tears streamed uncontrollably from my eyes.

“Whoa, Sven, what’s wrong with you?” He asked softly. Despite his hard outward appearance, he was very caring. I rubbed my eyes and looked at him. “I’m sorry Eckart. It’s just I have missed you so much."
He looked at me with a confused frown. “What are you talking about Sven? I have been with you since we got out of boot camp. Stop talking nonsense.”  

“Yeah I know. I just feel like I haven’t seen you for a really long time.” I looked outside the broken window of the ruined building we were in. The snow was grey and muddy as German soldiers walked through it. Two soldiers sat at a table eating rations. I turned my head to Eckart and smiled.

“Man Sven, you sure are acting weird today. I will make sure to check your rations aren’t rotten next time.” He flicked his cigarette out the window.

               “Now come on, do you call or chec-“A loud explosion shook the foundation of the building we were in. Eckart fell off the box he sat on, cards flying in the air.

“It’s American artillery fire! Take cover!” A German soldier outside screamed.  I looked out the window and saw a smothering black crater where the two men and the table were. I saw an arm laying in a puddle of blood nearby.

“Sven! Come on! Grab your Mauser and let’s go!” Eckart yelled. I stood up and grabbed my rifle that was leaning on the wall. As I made my way down the stairs with Eckart an explosion blew the wall next to him covering him in rubble.

“Eckart! Fuck, Eckart hold on!” I yelled.

I suddenly felt like I was paralyzed. My arms and legs wouldn’t move. As I stood in place a bright light started to blind me.

               “The chemical is ready, open the porthole so we can pour it in.” Those voices again. Was it a dream? My body ached horribly. I opened my eyes and noticed that I was in a huge helmet. It was spherical and had many round portholes that I could see through. I looked to my arms and I noticed I was in some sort of diving suit. It felt weird. It didn't seem like it was on me. It felt like it was stuck very tightly to my skin. Chains connected my legs and arms to the ground.  A thick foul liquid started to submerge the helmet. I stood up and opened my mouth to scream,”Hoooooooaaaaaawww.” What the fuck was that! I thought to myself. I tried to scream another time before the liquid could reach my mouth. “Eaaaaahhhhh!” My voice sounded like a coarse whale call. What have the y done to my voice! I took a deep breath as the liquid filled up the rest of the helmet. I brought the helmet up to meet the scientist’s eyes.

“Alright, in a few seconds the chemical should take control, and we can spray the pheromones.” The two of them walked out the door and peered in through a window.  I tried to thrust my arms into the air to break free of the chains. The chains rattled as I pulled on them.

“Houuuuuuuuuehhhh!”I let out a roar as I struggled to hold my breath. I threw my arm up again and the chain began to ache. I continued to pull against the chain when it suddenly broke off. I wasn’t sure how I was strong enough to break the chain but I began to pull with both hands on the other chain.

“Oh, damn it! The plasmids are kicking in! What should we do?” I heard one of the men yell with fear.

“Don’t worry he can’t hold his breath forever.” The other said calmly.

I let go of the chain and grasped the helmet. I pulled as hard as I could but to no avail. It wouldn’t move. I opened my mouth as the fluid rushed into my lungs. What? I took in more of the fluid. For some reason I could breathe. I continued to breathe in the fluid. My head began to hurt. It was a crippling pain that brought me to my knees.

“There we go, the chemical is taking over. Start administering the pheromones.” One of the men ordered.

               It felt like my brain was on fire. Slowly I was forgetting everything. I couldn't remember where I was born, how old I was, or what I last ate was. Names began to slip from my mind. Where am I? How did I get here? Who are those people behind the glass? What is my name? Out of the corners of the room a mist was being sprayed into the room. It got really foggy to the point where I could not see. A pink mist covered the room. When it started to fade away I heard over the intercom, “Bring in the girl.”

               Moments later a man walked in with a little girl. I turned my helmet to the pair walking in. A small girl, in a pink dress and brown hair tied up in a pig tail. Her yellow eyes glowed as they stared at me. I felt anger rise up in me. That man… That man must die. I started to make my way towards them when the chains on my legs and arm stopped me. Get away from her! “Heeeeeeaghhhhhhhh!” I roared. I pulled ferociously at the chains to break free. The man let go of the little girl and she ran to me as fast as her legs could go. I stopped tugging on the chains and watched. She stopped in front of me and looked into my helmet.

“Hey Mr. Bubbles, you smell pretty.” She said with a smile.

All anger drained from my body. I felt very calm when she was close to me. Protect. I must protect. She lifted her arms into the air towards me.

“Come on Mr. Bubbles, let’s go!” She chirped happily jumping up and down. I bent over, picked her up, and placed her on my back.

“Alright, disengage the locks on the chains.” The man said over the intercom. The man in the room walked over to the wall and tapped a red button. The remaining chains on me popped off. The man then ran out of the room, door closing behind him.  

“Now we can release them.”

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