One Kingdom

Two Princesses

A kingdom is split in two, separated by two sisters one good and one evil.
Can a child born of both good and evil bring together the Divided Kingdom, once known as Gespara: Kingdom of Salvation?


7. The Coronation-Anya

I planned the coronation and the wedding for the same day. One right after the other. I was watching the seamstress sew intricate details into the white satin of the gown. The gown I would where this time tomorrow, I watched the sun rise over the mountains to the east and waited for the girl to look up. For being only twelve, she was extremely talented, and had hand crafted the gown in little less then two weeks. Her name was Catish, I called her Catty for short, and she immigrated from New Gespara when her family was killed tragically when she was nine. I had taken her under my wing after hearing her story and placed her with Madame Blu, a legend in the fashion world. Catish seemed to be happy.


"Hello Catty."


"Hello princess! How do you like the gown? I worked so very hard on it, Madame Blu cannot use her hands as she used to."


"This is beautiful. The most exquisite thing you've made thus far! How is the coronation gown?"


"This way Princess." Catty  led me in between rows of life size pin cushions and other clothing fabricating tools until she stopped in front of a window. On the mannequin there, was a ruby red dress, that flared out at the hips, the corset was laced with golden rope and hand stitched swirls of gold and silver lined the bodice. The sleeves flared at the elbow and were fitted at the wrist. It was the most gorgeous gown I had ever seen; it surpassed my wedding gown, coronations were more important in my eyes anyway but still, 


"Its simply glorious Catty. Did you do this yourself?"


"Of course. Do you want to see Anthony's and Anita's clothing?"


"Of course." After a few minutes of going through and checking to be sure everything is in order, I say my goodbyes and leave the tower where Catty and Madame Blu work. On my way to my own chambers I bump into Ciel, 


"Ciel! You startled me!"


"I am sorry my princess. I was wondering if you've seen Queen Anita?"


"No, I'm sorry but she won't be Queen for very long....Gespara is being united. I thought you knew? She's just Princess Anita. She was never properly coronated." 


"I understand. Do you know where she would be?"


"Her chambers perhaps? The maze. or the tower."


"Your mother's tower?"


"Yes, although I don't know why." 


"Thank you for your suggestions. Congratulations." Ciel turned and went in the direction of Anita's chambers. Strange man that he was, this was by far the strangest I had ever seen him act. I hurried down to my chambers, I had to ready for bed-I had to raise before the sun kissed the peaks of the mountains and shadows filled the abyss that separated Gespara. I entered my chamber and beckoned my hand maiden near.


"I wish to ready for bed."


"Yes miss." the hand maiden left and returned with my dressing gown. She undid the corset I was wearing and slipped the dress off and then lifted the gown up over my head. "Will that be all miss?"


"Yes that will be all Vixema." I folded back the covers and crawled into the bed, and fell asleep. Excited that tomorrow night I would no longer be alone. Comforted by the thought of my father's dying wish coming true, I drifted into dreamland. When I awoke the next morning Vixema was straightening out my wedding gown. I rose swiftly and walked to her side, 


"Step up on the pedestal miss." I did so, and she began the task of undressing me. She pulled up the socks I would wear, and then the undergarments that were necessary to fill out the dress. When the wire hoop was secured she retrieved the dress and fitted it around my curves. She placed the golden shoes on my feet, and I was ready besides my hair and make up. "Sit at the vanity miss please."


"Of course." Vixema powdered my face, brushed out my hair gently and applied most minimal of makeup she then began making up my hair in the elaborate style that had been planned out, when she was done, and the jewels were in place, she placed bobbles on my ears and I was ready. The trumpets outside rang out, and it was time to go down to the grand hall. I stood and walked from my chambers, I walked down the grand stairs and stood outside the grand hall doors. Anita joined me, looking like a mirror image of myself, but instead of white, she wore gold. 


"Are you nervous?" Anita asked as she took her place by my side, she smiled at me as she took my arm.


"No." I said quietly as I was given my bouquet. 


"Are you sure? You sound nervous to me."


"I am not!" I whispered laughing at her. 


"Whatever you say Anya dear." The organ began to play, and the wood winds started up. It was time...no turning back now. The grand doors opened majestically in one solid movement by two sentries and Anita and I began our journey down the aisle. The subjects of both kingdoms sat and smiled, our cousins, and uncles, aunts, and other family and friends smiled happily at us, happy we were together once more. Anthony was breathtakingly handsome as he stood at the alter-waiting for me. Ciel stood at his side, smiling, with eyes only for Anita. I fought the urge to sprint the rest of the way. When we made it, and Anita gave me away to Anthony and took her place at my side...my heart sped up, and my cheeks flushed red. I was going to marry the love of my life...right now, right here. The reverend cleared his throat as Anthony took my hands.


"We are gathered here today, at the royal joining of Princess Anya Maria Victoria Miklovitch and Sir Anthony Michael David Rowling. If any witness has any thoughts as to why these two cannot be married, speak now-or forever hold your peace." Silence enveloped me, the reverend waited and finally continued. "You all wish to hold your peace. Good. Do you Anya Maria Victoria Miklovitch take Sir Anthony Michael David Rowling to be your royal husband? In sickness, and in health, for richer, or for poorer, good times and in bad?"


"I do." I said smiling at Anthony.


"And do you, Sir Anthony Michael David Rowling take Princess Anya Maria Victoria Miklovitch to be your royal wife? In sickness, and in health, for richer, or for poorer, good times, and in bad?"


"I do." Anthony said smiling. 


"The rings." Ciel stepped forward with the rings and handed them to the reverend. The reverend placed the bigger one in my gloved hand, and the smaller in Anthony's. "You may now place the rings on each of your fingers." I slid Anthony's onto his ring finger, and Anthony slid mine, in front of the diamond one he had bestowed me. "I know pronounce you husband and wife! You may kiss the bride." Anthony pulled me to him, and kissed me for the first time publicly. When we pulled apart the applause was deafening. Anita, when I turned to look at her was beaming and crying, and clapping all at once. I turned and hugged her. 

"I am so glad you were here." I whispered in her ear. She cried harder but I felt her smile.

"Me too." I heard something shuffle behind us, and then screams. I broke away from Anita and saw Ciel, knife raised; lunging towards Anita and I. Anthony had been pushed aside; he looked like he was breathing but I couldn't be sure. I raised my hand; and a white light encompassed Anita and I. His knife came down upon my magic shield and shattered...the force of the blow threw Ciel across the room. I dropped the shield and ran to Anthony's side. While the castle guards went to Ciel to restrain him.

"Anthony? Anthony darling wake up!" He stirred slowly, very slowly, and his eyes opened.


"Oh sweetheart, you're okay!"

"What happened? Where's Ciel?"

"He tried to assassinate me or Anita possibly both, but I used my magic to stop him." 

"Not much of a warrior, am I?"

"You did great considering Ciel is your cousin." I stood, and helped Anthony to his feet. "We must ready ourselves for the coronation. I love you. Stay safe."


Vixema hurried to change my dress. Anita too was changing but she was more focused on watching the door as if Ciel would come bursting through it at any time.


"I thought he was decent. I-I thought he was good, I trusted him Anya. I was beginning to think I could love him." 

"Oh Anita, I am so sorry, I didn't know you two had been spending that much time together!"

"I'm doomed! I'll never find love. At least not like a love you and Anthony share."

"Stop that, you will I just know it." Vixema finished the last touches. "Now then, how do I look?"

"Perfect, as always."


The Grand Hall had transformed yet again. Instead of my wedding colors it was now the Kingdom's colors. I stopped at the edge of the aisle. Waiting to be announced. Anita walked up the aisle, the townspeople and nobles stood and bowed. Anita took her place in the front row. Anthony stood beside me, also waiting to be announced.

"Please stand, to welcome her royal majesty; Princess Anya Maria Victoria Miklovitch, and her new husband Sir Anthony Michael David Rowling." The crowd stood to its feet, and turned towards us. Anthony took my arm and we began our walk toward the front of the room to the dias. When we reached the reverend, the same one that had married us hours before, he motioned us to kneel before him; the last time either of us would ever do so.

"Do you Princess Anya Maria Victoria Miklovitch-Rowling promise to uphold the laws and justices of Gespara Old and New?"

"I do."

"As Queen do you promise to be just and kind to all that enter your kingdom?"

"I do."

"Then with the power vested in me, I hereby crown you, Queen of Gespara Old and New." Cheers so loud they made my ears ring erupted around us.

"Do you, Sir Anthony Michael David Rowling, promise to uphold the laws and justices of Gespara, Old and New?"

"I do."

"As King, do you promise to be just and kind to all the enter your kingdom? To be ruthless in battle in the defense of your kingdom?"

"I do."

"Then with the power vested in me, I hereby crown you, King of Gespara Old and New." The cheers weren't as deafening as they had been for me, but they were happy nonetheless. 

"I present to you, your new King and Queen! King Anthony Michael David Rowling and Queen Anya Maria Victoria Miklovitch-Rowling."

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