One Kingdom

Two Princesses

A kingdom is split in two, separated by two sisters one good and one evil.
Can a child born of both good and evil bring together the Divided Kingdom, once known as Gespara: Kingdom of Salvation?


3. Anya

I watched from my bedroom window as Anthony's men led Anita into the Inner City. I suppressed my anger towards my sister, I knew she took Nadia, I knew she planned to kill me. II knew I was the good witch. I looked myself in the mirror, my emerald green dress flowed around my body, the sleeves poofed out at the elbow and tightened at the wrist, and my breasts popped just enough for them to look amazing. I smiled softly as I left my chambers. I walked to the main lobby where they would be bringing Anita.

                 The doors opened and Anthony came in first to greet me and to announce the arrival of 'Queen' Anita of New Gespara. I put on my best fake smile as my guards revealed my twin sister. She was exactly like me in looks, but she wwas the embodiment of evil as I had mentioned before. I decided to be the bigger person and start the conversation.


"Hello Anita." I sniffed. She looked me over and smiled, a nasty sarcastic smile but I smile none the less.


"Hello Anya. I hear Papa is sick."


"He is very sick." I said looking towards the floor . Unable to keep my tears at bay. I hated looking weak in front of Anita. I could feel her overpowering narcissistic personality lashing out at me like a leather whip. She hated the sight of the weak, she killed millions of her soldiers because they refused to kill their brothers. I suppressed a snarl in her direction knowing full well that my anger was my greatest weakness. Instead I said civilly, 


"Come with me, he wishes to see you." Although I have no idea why. I added as an afterthought. I snickered at my sarcasm. Anthony waited close by at the stairs. I turned on my heel and started my way over to him, I stopped when Anita spoke,


"I gathered as much, since I'm here...as a mortal." She didn't have to say it. She knew I hated her, that I didn't want her here.


"He didn't want you to harm anyone." I said quietly. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't hate her.


"Did he take your powers as well?" She asked nastily. I couldn't help but smile in triumph. He trusted me, he knew I wouldn't kill her when she was at her weakest. I turned and said,


"We both know I would never do that." She knew I meant kill someone. But Anita being well her had to state the obvious.


"What? Kill me at my weakest?"


"Exactly." I said. "Come along. Anthony darling could you bring her belongings to her room?"


"Of course darling." Anita's eyes followed him, mostly his fine ass as he left.


"Nice choice. I can sense his darkness. Its intoxicating." Anita drawaled seductively. I stiffened, Anthony wasn't dark. He's anything but.


"Come on." I growled and headed towards the stairs again. We came to father's chamber doors and the guards eyed Anita slowly and opened the doors.


"Good evening Princess Anya. Anita." They added Anita as an afterthought.


I walked through the threshold and my father was propped up against pillows. He was ghostly white and barely breathing. I walked hurriedly to his side and saw that he was far worse than he was hours ago.


"Papa," I whispered, he turned his head slowly to look at me.


"Anya, is your sister here?"


"Yes Papa, Anita?" Anita came forward slowly, unsure of her surroundings. She hadn't been in this room since we were little. Her black lace dress hung limply on her slender frame.


"Papa I'm here."


"Hello Anita Thank you for coming."


"Anything for you Papa." Anita said, and I scoffed


"Anya, people can change." Papa weakly reprimanded me.


"I know Papa." I said quietly. "But other people wouldn't try to kill us in our sleep." I snapped.


"Anya. I don't have much longer. I can feel it. Anthony and you will be married very soon and you'll take over." I wiped away the tears.


"Papa don't talk like this! You can make it through this!" I whispered hope filled my voice.


"No." he snapped "Anya I won't. I want you and your sister to fix his kingdom. Please I don't want Gespara to be divided." 


"Its not that simple Papa. Mama took that spell to the grave along with the counter-spell." Anita said.


"Did you at least look at the spell and counter spell?" Papa asked


"I glanced at it." Anita whispered.


"Good Anthony can look at your memories and retrieve the spell."


"But only a Dark Warlock can do that." I said.


"Anya..." I turned and saw Anthony.


"You, your like her? Dark? You lied to me!"


"Anya, the prophecy." Anita whispered.


"What prophecy?" I asked. No one answered.

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